Slam For Your Life


We are quite excited to announce our brand new project in partnership with British Council Connect ZA. We will be taking the first ever Slam For Your Life National Poetry Slam to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July.

Slam For Your Life is an innovative and competitive live literature format that is well placed to deliver a positive impact on emerging spoken word poets in South Africa. Through the theme “Life Is What You Write”, SFYL (Slam For Your Life) aims at creating a credible and nationally recognised youth poetry slam, opportunities for professional mentorship and network building through peer to peer interactions.

Four finalists from Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal will then travel to Grahamstown in July 2014 where the finals will be held and a national slam champion will be crowned.

How it works
Four poetry organisers/movements will be asked to nominate three poets from each of their province.
The organisers/movements will include;
• Slam Poetry Operation Team (Durban),
• Stellenbosch Literary Network (Stellenbosch),
• Ntsika Tyatya (Port Elizabeth)
• Word N Sound (Johannesburg).

Poetry videos of the 12 finalists will be promoted online and opened to a public vote. A poet with the most votes, from each city, will then qualify for the national finals.

The top 4 finalists will travel to Grahamstown to take part in a workshop with UK poet, Lemn Sissay. They will then compete in the national finals that will form part of the “Remix Lab” component of the National Arts festival 2014.

And the 12 finalists are…

  • Modise Sekgothe
  • Kagiso Tshepe
  • Zewande #McMora Bhengu

KwaZulu Natal

  • Page Ngwenya
  • Ingonyama
  • Mphokuhle Ngcobo

Western Cape

  • Chrystal Williams
  • Thabiso Nkoana
  • Koleka Putuma

Eastern Cape

  • Unathi Slasha
  • Sisonke Papu
  • Siyabonga Ngcai

4 thoughts on “Slam For Your Life

  1. Will give my vote to Siyabonga Ncai


  2. jonathan says:

    Mass movements of deeply rooted morals like corals planted on a rich garden of tradition, a sea shore of customs and cultivated minds of diverse wisdom
    A infestation mordenised churches that catches the all seeing eyes of polarized preachers consumed by the shadows of teachers in a world filled solarized creatures with features of great leaders
    Tribal landslides slowly moving away from our huts of ancestry slowly peeling away from the faces of our fore fathers expholiating dark skins turn white from waterfalls to rock falls the world seems to be in chaos as night falls
    A shuffled puzzle of shattered thoughts, smashed with a hammer of hope filled with empty promises.
    A sorrowful serenade of pain replayed in a vacuum where the spine of time is un aligned with the limps of frail clocks.
    A swift journey of moral and ethnic beliefs.
    Natives migrate from their own traditions we are now illegal immigrants in our own land. We have moved away from our tradition to those of light skins. But we still have the courage to call. Our fellow africans illegal immigrants not realizing that we have also adopted customs of not our native tribes making us illegal Immigrants
    A teardrop potion of heartaches and fatal tales that bring echoed pains of headaches
    The process of evolution has been changed through the mutation of cultural beliefs, I have seen better days and brighter rays , we chose to take bitter ways
    Lost tribes

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cebisa somchiza says:

    I wil give my vote for asanda omnyama vokwana


  4. cebisa somchiza says:

    Koleka putuma


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