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2012 Word N Sound Awards

The first ever Word N Sound Awards were absolutely amazing. A big thank you to Mr Andrew Manyika for hosting the ceremony and to everyone who came through.

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Poet of the Year:
Mandi Poefficient Vundla
Best Newcomer: Kaelow No Life Cords
Best Showcase: KB Kilobyte aka The Spartan
Perfect Poem: KingNova – The House That We Built

It was with great pleasure that we paid homage to an amazing soul who has shown love and support for the movement and always on hand to offer any guidance to us all.

Word N Sound Honours the phenomenal Myesha Jenkins.

Click here to view more images of the Awards ceremony and see what Mandi Poeefficient Vundla and KB Kilobyte had to say about winning at the first ever Word N Sound Awards.