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In the last episode of the Word N Sound Series we saw Mandi’s hard work pay off with a spot in the top 5 and Purple Jupiter dethroned Nova and now sit as our Queens of the Mic.

The Word N Sound Top 5 from episode 2. Mpho, Mandi, No Life, KB and Purple Jupiter.

The scoreboard on the day looked like this:
1. Purple Jupiter 148
2. KB 139
3. No Life 134
4. Mpho Khosi 132
5. Mandi Poefficient 131

Click HERE for the full scoreboard.

REVIEW : Word N Sound Series 2 fills us up with so much love and glory

LoveGlori (March 3, 2012)

We ask the Word N Sound review team to tell us what they thought of our last episode of word N Sound Poetry and Live Music Series featuring Mutle Mithibe, Dikson Slamajamjar and LoveGlori.

Click HERE to read the review and add your own.