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1.  You are well-known as “Fragment Ofda Youniverse” in the poetry scene, how did this name come about?
I am Fragment Ofda Youniverse because I believe that God is all that is, all that is the Universe. We are part of this Universe/God and are part of each other. I use the spelling of Youniverse to emphasize the latter, that in the same way we are part of God, we are part of each other. I don’t like to refer to God as God though cause that means different things to different people.

2.  How would you describe your style of writing?
I would describe it as fine art, film and animation in words. Imagery is most primary to how I write, the poetry paints a picture more than it does anything else.

3.  If you were to stop writing poetry what would be the ideal substitute?
Drama, which I’ve begun exploring and am really enjoying, but if the scenario you’re mentioning does not prohibit me from other forms of writing I would definitely pursue prose and…being a playwright also seems pretty dope.

4.  You sometimes use music to enhance your performances, what would you say to anyone who thinks that this ruins poetry?
I would say that different kinds of poetry or poems have a different purpose, so if a poets intention is to evoke a certain emotion, create a certain mood in order to lay the perfect ground on which the poem is to be received, the music serves to bring a magical dimension to the performance. Music serves in taking ones audience to the place you need them to be when they receive the work.

5.  Name three books/authors that changed your life?
Whoa! Eckhart Tolle “The Power Of Now”, Rhonda Byrne “The Secret” and Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy “The Complete Guide To World Mysticism”

6.  Please finish this sentence with four lines, “roses are red…

“roses are red…
the thorns matter too,
cause without them, the roses have no stems it’s true.
And without that,
the scent of the rose goes too soon”

lol…that’s the best I could do.


7.  What’s your definition of poetry?
Uhm…poetry, I have no clue what it is…lol, I wont lie, anyway…it’s this magic that happens sometimes when certain gifted individuals open up to the cosmic substance and let it flow through them in all its beauty and majesty.

8.  Do you ever draw your inspiration from other artists, if yes please name a few?
I find great inspiration in the performance energy and style of Saul Williams, the mad skill and dedication of Mutle Mothibe, the mind-blowing image-laden writing of Conelius Jones as well as the innovative performance style of Andrew Manyika.

Event: WORDS UP!

WORDS UP! invites 10 exceptional South African artists to showcase their spoken word skills and engage the audience in an exciting torrent of words and stories. The evening will be moderated by Linda Gabriel. South African poetry icon Kgafela oa Magogodi and his band Kgafela le Marabele will spice up the event with musical vibes.


Featuring Tumelo Khoza (Dbn), Masai Dabula (Pta), Roche Du Plessis (Jhb), Siza Nkosi (Jhb), Ayanda Juba Lushaba (Dbn), Dineo ‘Dee’ Rasedile (Pta), Mpho Khosi (Jhb), Lebohang Nova Masango (Jhb), Kabelo ‘KB Tlailane (Pta), Sbu Simelani (Jhb)

WORDS UP! is the kick-off event of The Spoken Word Project which starts in Johannesburg and then travels to Antananarivo, Yaoundé, Nairobi and four other African cities.

Event: Word N Sound Season 3 Episode 5 | Forgotten Planet, Mutle Mothibe, Modise Sekgothe + Blaq2sday

Word lovers, join us in Newtown on 1 June for the next episode in the Word N Sound Poetry + Live Music Series.

This episode will see last year’s opening mic challenge finalists Forgotten Planet share a stage with Modise Sekgothe, the artist formally known as Fragment ofda Youniverse who blew us away as a cast member of The Funeral.

The much respected Mutle Mothibe returns to the Word N Sound stage with his brand spanking new, fresh out da box audio-book In_Sense.

Bringing live music to our stage is Pretoria’s own, Blaq2sday.

How could anyone forget the hottest and most murderous Open Mic League. With over R500 up for grabs for the dopest poem, poets gunning for the crown have even starting banging on the Market Theatre doors as early as 9am.

Don’t miss your monthly fix: 1 June | 12-6pm | R50 | Market Theatre Laboratory (2 President Str, Joburg)




1.  How long did it take to put this album together?

Two very long years. It’s been a back and forth experience because I’d find things I wanna change every time I’d listen to the master copy meant for printing.

2.  How is this project different from the previous albums you’ve released with Inaudible?

I think in this project I wanted to explore my work and see what’s possible without the collaborations  and bouncing of ideas when it comes to content. Thabo and Mohale were there at every recording to critique and at times they’d literally bust into the recording booth telling me to put in more effort or creativity into how the content was delivered. (Some of these critiques are even captured on the album for the audience to hear).

This album is personal. Gives die-hard fans a snippet of the old Mutle and then the rest of the album is just packed full of works I’ve come to love.


3.  Why ‘In_Sense’?

In_Sense…Basically I looked at the project before going into studio and realised that all the works had been by-products of meditation, deep concentration and contemplation.

I love burning incense when writing and sometimes would watch the smoke that rises from the stick for a while if I get stuck on a line or feel that the frequency of the poem is projecting is not up to standard. So the idea of ‘In_Sense’ was formed from fusing the concept of incense and my take or how I make sense of my inner and outer world.

I struggle a lot to make sense and convey myself clearly and logically and I felt this album best portrays Mutle In(a)_Sense.

4. What can we expect from the launch?

I want the launch to be an experience of The Artist Mutle. The audience should leave feeling that they know the Artist who created the works, know the creative process that went into putting the work together and also why I write the way I do. Think of it like a Secret Lecture before the big show, where the magician explains how all his tricks work and how you yourself can easily do the tricks. I want to let people in on my creative process while entertaining them.

5.  Were there any challenges you faced while putting this album together?

Well yes. I tend to be anal about my work so I kept finding flaws and things I’d want to add to the works, moods I wanted to convey. The artwork on the album cover also gave me hassles because I wanted the concept of In_Sense to come through perfectly, which we eventually did accomplish. It’s had its obstacles but I’m quite happy with the final product.

6. Did you have a target market in mind and who do you think this album will appeal to?

No I didn’t think much about target market when I was creating the works. I think anyone who listens past the first stanza of any of my poems will find the album appealing. I think the album has something for everyone.


7. Do you have any featured artists?

No I didn’t feature anyone on this album.

8. What can you promise anyone who is willing to come to the launch and purchase your work?

Entrance is free so come through and you judge for yourself. I trust my work and feel it will speak for itself. I feel like promising people things\incentives carries a hint of doubt in what can happen on that day.

Mutle Mothibe launches his album ‘In_Sense’ on 26 May 2013 at the Gold Mine Cafe (58 Andreson Street). Entry is free and his album will be on sale for R100. To schedule artist interview, media accreditation and further info about the event please contact Qhakaza Mthembu – 079 526 0458.

All set for a show most memorable

Our next Word N Sound Series Live event takes place tomorrow and promises to be one to remember. Word N Sound Founder Thabiso Mohare celebrates his birthday later this month. So…what better way to celebrate than to have him on stage. We’ve heard rumours of an interesting performance experiment complete with an improv band set to take place on the Word N Sound stage tomorrow. He says: “Expect a true word and sound experience.”

If you’ve bought your copy of Monologa, you’ve been counting down the hours and minutes to Rennie Alexander’s showcase. And if you haven’t…where on earth have you been and why would you deny yourself such nice things (luckily for you, you can buy a copy for R100 at the next show)? This storyteller of note who packs wisdom into even the simplest of utterances returns, not only to deliver his annual “The State Of The Nation Address” but also to defend his crown as last month’s King of the Open Mic.

“It’s going to be an amazing show, from the top of the slam that’s already promising to be very competitive. It’s an honour to be part of the showcase line up with one of my favourite poets, Afurakan. It’s been a long time coming. The zealous Masia Dabula never disappoints so it’s looking like an amazing show already. My showcase is not as dramatic as my usual performances; I will be interpreting the chaos that we are all experiencing at the moment in our society, and within that try to find peace and love,” says Rennie.

And then we have Word N Sound’s firebrand, our original Champion of the Open Mic and Word N Sound Perfect Poem Award nominee, Masai Dabula. The Word N Sound fam is looking forward to his raw and hard-hitting performance style and the vivid, honest and resolute writing that has become synonymous with his name.

There is still the hottest Open Mic Poetry League in the country where the best poem walks away with R500 courtesy of BlackCouch Sofserv. Merchandise from Rora will be on sale along with a literary feast of books to add to your bookshelf from Black Letter Media.

Opening the show this month is Eastern cape born MC, Epic aka The ScriptWriter. His debut EP project ‘’Epic’s Cinematography’ was well received both locally and in the UK and scored a 4/5 star rating in a Hype Magazine CD review.

All in all, tomorrow is set to be FIRE! And with the AMAZINGLY talented Andrew Manyika as the host, dare you miss out?

EVENT INFO HERE: 4 May 2013 | Market Theatre Laboratory (Inside Bus Factory) – 2 President Str Jozi | 12-6pm | R50