WNS Poetry Corner

The Poetry Corner brings back a much needed non-competitive open mic platform where budding poets and spoken word enthusiasts can share and appreciate works and voices. As the cornerstone of performance development, open mic platforms offer emerging artists the opportunity to perform in intimate settings, building their confidence and receiving worthwhile feedback.

Every Wednesday Night
The Light House on 7th, Melville
7 – 9 pm

2 thoughts on “WNS Poetry Corner

  1. Linette Retief says:

    Hi there

    I am a copywriter and PR person at the advertising group, Brand et al, and I am busy writing an in-depth media release about the resurgence and growth of poetry clubs across the country. This is by way of a tie-in with the Poetry Project, including an annual competition, sponsored by one of our major clients, AVBOB. To this end, it would be great to talk to people who are involved in successful ventures yours to find out what is happening behind the screens, in front of the mics and everywhere in between.

    Please let me know whom I can talk to; I would be deeply grateful.

    Thanks very much

    Kind regards, Linette (Retief)


  2. Qhakaza Mbali Mthembu says:

    Hello Linette. Sure, please email qhakaza@wordnsound.com

    Thank you


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