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Ep 1 – Top 5: Bafentse Ntlokoa

S4E1_Bafentse“Nothing quite beautifies the ugly and unbearable in the way that art does.” – Bafentse Ntlokoa

1. What inspired the poem you performed at the last Word N Sound Series and what message were you trying to convey through it?
A few things. Firstly, ‘beautiful like a gaping wound’ is one of my favourite complements to give (and receive though I haven’t ever). It’s not pretty but it’s undressed, it’s vulnerable, it’s messy, it’s inside out and so honest that it can’t help (well to me anyway) but be beautiful. And then it’s my love-hate (mostly love) relationship with romanticism because of how it exaggerates beauty and humans can be so literal in our interpretation that the peeling away of the romance can be very achy but in the same breath it’s also necessary to help us survive ourselves, it’s the orange with the castor oil to clean our insides. And nothing quite beautifies the ugly and unbearable in the way that art does so it’s my ode to that particular art form. It’s also having observed poets transform their deepest pain into the most beautiful art works that inspire life to hold on to itself just a little longer.

2. Take us through your creating process; how the lines come together, the memorizing and performance?
I guess I  listen for the memory of the feeling of what I’m trying to portray and search my mind for the story and the metaphors of how most exciting (for me) I could tell it.

3. Name 3 of your favourite poets currently?
Mutle Mothibe (no bias I swear) he astounds me and keeps getting better all the time. Kagiso Tshepe the imagery that live in dude’s head though and Mandi Poeficient Vundla is an Epic tale for me.

4. Can you take us back to the first time you fell in love with poetry? Can you remember the poem or where this took place?
I was 10 years old, watching the movie Poetic Justice and hearing Janet Jackson reciting Maya Angelo’s phenomenal woman and even more than the phenomenal woman described I felt a deeper desire to have been the author who designed her with words.

5. Name 3 of your favourite books?

  • A Thousand Names For Joy by Byron Katie,
  • Star Book by Ben Okri
  • Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
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A Tale Of Three Loves With Ian Kamau

Yesterday I made an incredible find.

So hosting Ian Kamau at July’s Word N Sound Xtra was one of the highlights for the year. In the run up to the show I fully immersed myself in his work and loved every bit of it.

I fell most in love with his ‘Vol. 3 – Love And Other Struggles’ mixtape. (Get it here is you have yet ). Track 9 is a very short cover track, ‘The Girl’, that had me almost begging for more. Yesterday I stumbled onto three video interpretations of the song that Kamau produced.

Each video explored a different kind of love in such simple ways it had me in awe. So I had to share.

When I’m old and grey I hope to see many more couples my age in love, holding hands and yes, even kissing in public – but lets not have any full all making out, that could be a little awkward…maybe. I don’t see very many old couples and even fewer elderly couples who are still visibly affectionate so this video was really endearing.

Hey man it’s a little boy helping his mom to bake, who wouldn’t love that. Although I think if it had been a black man and his son, that would have added a lot more to the story. But that’s also coz I’m fascinated by the relationship between black fathers and their children.

The video ends with a url: http://www.88days.ca, do what I did, visit the site. I love bumping into new music and when it has a whole community of creative behind it, it’s even more of a trip.

“88 Days Of Fortune is a Toronto based, grass roots, queer, trans and straight identifified, music and multimedia collective. As a community driven, youth-led organization, our mission is to support collective members to develop their creative and artistic practices through: Providing a platform to showcase their art, creating independent music videos, producing and recording albums, touring, peer mentorship and more.”

Sharing is caring so if you bump into anything cool, do the right thing. 😉 Share your cool finds on our Facebook page: Word N Sound Poetry and Live Music Series or on Twitter: @WordNSound

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