Word N Sound Mixtape

The Word N Sound Poetry Mixtape is a global collaboration between South African poets and music producers from all corners of the world. All established and aspiring music producers are encouraged to download the acapella poems for free and put music on them. The challenge is open to all music genres.

Once producers have put music on the poems, we ask that they send them back to us. Please email completed tracks to thabiso.mohare@gmail.com. The best tracks will be featured in the official Word N Sound Poetry Mixtape, which will also be a free download. The rest of the tracks that don’t make it on the official Mixtape will also be made available for free download via the Word N Sound blog. www.wordnsound.wordpress.com

Mutle Mothibe – Bad Connection

Thando Mngqibisa – One big word

Afurakan – A blues for Madiba

Sbu Simelane – Tales Without Fairies

Masai Dabula – The passage on the lonely hill

Andrew Manyika – Consequence

Bonga Ndziweni – Love

Mandi Poefficient – The President’s wife

Kagiso Tshepe – Hoist the Sails

Afua Wilcox – Painting my sky blue again

Mutle Mothibe – Crafty Poet

Mpho Khosi – Encounters With Love

Masai Dabula – Kneel

Andrew Manyika – Trajectory of a tear

Afurakan – Black rock

Thando Mngqibisa – Spring cleaning

Bonga Ndziweni – She

Afua Wilcox – Her song for man

Kagiso Tshepe – Invisible Posters

Mandi Poefficient – Sweet 16

Sbu Simelane – Changes

10 thoughts on “Word N Sound Mixtape

  1. mindmapsareporter says:

    Tjo ay they are big, Will download the rest tomorrow


  2. disebo says:

    This is a brilliant idea. Some of poets really produce classical stuff. U knw I was sitting listerning to Masai and I just heard classical music in my ears. All the best to all of them.

    Maybe I can a little music who knows…

    LentsweModumo, that’s who Africa is!!



  3. I cant see Mpho’s 2nd poem here, please advise comrade..


  4. wow oh my..talent such at this gives me great pleasure to say….one day i will become of this


  5. […] features on the WORD N SOUND MIXED TAPE Mandi Poefficientperformance poetrypoetryQ&AUp&Comingword n sound Like this […]


  6. Leo says:

    I need to make time to download all of these…awesome ish


  7. onismas says:

    hey you guys am a big oh and i would like to get a link for the poems LADY.VANITY SIGMUND.FRAUD HAKEEM KHAN


  8. onismas says:

    am a biiiiiggggggg fan


  9. Nate says:

    Great great work, just some Rennie, Nova and Ellipsis, and it would be the absolute bomb


  10. Kgosi says:

    apparently we are monkeys” Elysium


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