WNSAwards: “This list of perfect poems is intimidating.” – Xabiso Vili


1. What is the story behind your poem? What inspired you to write it?
“Gaza – A Love Story” was actually two separate poems, one about Gaza and a love story about a cold lover. I was lucky enough to spot a connection between the two. From that point it created itself and was able to tell a personal story with a wider, pertinent background and setting.

2. If your poem had the power to change just one thing, what would it be?
I would hope it would personalise the struggles and pain of people we assume are not connected to us. Make people realise that just because someone isn’t in our vicinity that doesn’t make them far removed and their story can still be yours.

3. Which poem would you like to win…besides your own of course?
Modise’s “Die Before You Die” and Mutle’s “Nuances of Apollo” have snuck in close to my heart. But the list of perfect poems is intimidating with how many amazing poems are on there.

4. How do you feel about it being nominated in the Perfect Poem category?
Humbled, proud, excited, surprised, overwhelmed, ecstatic – and a range of other contradictory emotions. To see these poems you work so hard on walking out in the world and holding their own is an indescribable feeling.

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