WNS Awards: “Poetry is not a luxury” – Masai Dabula


1. What is the story behind your poem? What inspired you to write it?
Well, the say “a picture can tell a thousand words”. I tend to see words in images… The word “Remember” inspired the whole “Do You Remember Me” poem. I gather I used a basic creative writing method to allow the poem to be.

The poem is performance driven, it’s a monologue from one of my many alter-egos. And I’m pleased to say, I will be collaborating with a filmmaker to bring this poem to it’s full existence, and it should be out in the month of December.

2. If your poem had the power to change just one thing, what would it be?
Poetry is not a luxury meant for a certain group of people, poetry is not mere entertainment concept. It’s an art form.

3. Which poem would you like to win…besides your own of course?
In true sense, who ever wins is not winning for themselves but winning for the literature movement at hand.

4. How do you feel about it being nominated in the Perfect Poem Category?
This means I can facilitate a workshop, for I now I have a working method to crafting a beautiful piece of work (poem). This means I can help harness skill, develop growth and instigate this type of literature to new heights.

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