WNS Awards: “I’m grateful that my work is appreciated.” – Conelius Jones


1. What is the story behind your poem? What inspired you to write it?
‘Seven Moons’ is basically about seven women that I have been in relationships with in the past. The poem was inspired by Jeannan Verlee’s “40 Love Letters”.

2. If your poem had the power to change just one thing, what would it be?
It would change people’s perceptions of past experiences. We often look back at our lives with regret or guilt. I would want my poem to challenge the notion of “mistakes”, and to make people realise that the unfortunate situations we sometimes find ourselves in are also part of the human journey.

3. Which poem would you like to win…besides your own of course?
Well Masai Dabula completely surprised me with his poem “Do You Remember Me”. I love everything about that poem. I especially love how he challenged himself to write something different from what people expect from him, so I would very much like to see “Do you Remember Me” take the award.

4. How do you feel about it being nominated in the Perfect Poem Category?
It is an absolute honor, I’m sincerely grateful that my work is noticed and appreciated.

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