“Working with the band gave me endless possibilities” – Jitsvinger


Imagine a band that had never rehearsed or even met performing alongside a poet whose poetry they have never heard. Sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster…or a truly magical experience where art is born right before your eyes.

In March, Chris Redmond hosted his legendary Tongue Fu shows in Johannesburg and in Cape Town featuring local poets and musicians.

In Cape Town, it was hip hop artist Jitsvinger who was the highlight of the show, earning him this Best Showcase nomination.

Tell us about this performance? Was there anything special for you? Did you enjoy it?
I enjoyed performing an unrehearsed set with a band I never knew. Before going on stage I gathered how well they know their instruments which gave me endless possibilities.
What has been your highlight as a poet this year?
The highlight this for me was working with the primary school learners on writing a public poem that “greets” visitors to their town called Darling which was unveiled at the opening of this year’s Voorkamerfest.
Which poet have you really enjoyed hearing/reading/watching this year? Who should we be looking out for?
I enjoyed watching Siphokazi Jonas perform her poetry alongside a young man called Josh Prinsloo. You should be on the look out for this here!

Who would you love to share a stage with and why?
I would love to be on stage with the legendary Pops Mohamed! He showed me how hip and relevant traditional instruments can be played alongside mainstream types of music.

Are you working on any interesting projects?
I’m currently working on a project called Jitsenic alongside Hip Hop beatmaker and producer Arsenic which made its debut at the annual Standard Bank Youth Jazz Festival in Grahamstown and WITS University’s 969Fest this year!

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