Introducing the top 6…yep 6!

Remember remember the 6th

It was the first Saturday of the month and as our hordes of faithful fans know, that just means it’s Word N Sound Saturday. So we said to ourselves, “We’ll have a show”; and Eskom said “No, you won’t”. And so it was with great sadness, that for the first time in the history of Word N Sound Poetry and Live Music Series, we had to cancel an episode due to a power outage in Newtown that affected our venue.

As a testament to how big a part of our lives the show has become, it wasn’t until a good two hours after the notices announcing the cancellation had gone up, that the last of our audience members left (still in disbelief), and we thank you for that support.

So, I know what you’re thinking, “If the show got cancelled, and the festival begins in less than a month, who’s competing in the Open Mic Finale?”

This question also presented an interesting conundrum to the team at Word N Sound; and after much deliberation, some raised voices, tears, and of course sandwiches; we came to a resolution that we hope meets everybody as close to halfway as possible.

The League standings on the morning of the 6th

10. Southern Comfort – 458 points
9. Apiwe – 459 points
8. Puleng Zealot – 473 points
7. Monica Fumez – 642 points
6. Zewande Bhengu – 732 points
5. No LIFE – 750 points
4. Bafentse Ntlokoa – 772 points
3. Nkosinathi Gaar – 901.5 points
2. Thando Bhuthelezi – 963 points
1. Xabiso Vili – 1 230 points

Looking at the average points scored each month, Zewande Bhengu had the best chance of making it into the Top 5 had this month’s slam taken place. We have therefore decided to go with a Top 6 as there is not enough time to host another slam before the Festival that kicks off on 3 October.

At this point I would just like to reiterate that this was not a decision that we took lightly but it was imperative for us to plot a way forward. And so, for the first time in the 4year history of the Word N Sound International Youth Poetry & Live  Music Festival, there will be Six (6) contestants vying for the coveted King/Queen of the Mic title, and they are: Bafentse Ntlokoa, Nkosinathi Gaar, Zewande #McMora Bhengu, NoLIFE, Xabiso Vili, and Thando Bhuthelezi.

We foresee fireworks in our future, and trust you’ll be there to see them at the Word N Sound International Youth Poetry + Live Music Festival: 3-8 October in Johannesburg & Cape Town.

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