Review: Season 4 | Episode 5

Last week we hosted Mak Manaka, Lucas Pilgrim Serei and BlaqSeed at the Market Theatre Laboratory. Mandi Vundla and the Word N Sound fam reviews the show.

Firstly, I will begin by saying I was full to the brim with excitement over being back at our main venue as the previous show was hosted at the Barney Simon Theatre, depriving us of our homely comfort.

There truly is no place like home. We have entered the winter chills but the harsh change of season didn’t deter those eager to slam. At 9.20am the PTA poets had filled up half the open mic list. The early bird catches the open mic list, walala wasala!!

The competitive levels were at an all time high and the poets were armed for the epic battle. We were disappointed that Bafentse Ntlokoa chose not to defend her title, but this worked well for Modise Sekgothe who arrived in the middle of the slam only to find her slot vacant. Congratulations to him for exploiting her absence and walking away with the coveted King Of The Mic title. We’re ecstatic to see Xabiso’s return to the Top 5, now do what you must to stay there. The trending topic of the slam was love and ex’s, cupid must have been ecstatic.

The show progressed smoothly into Pilgrims set. We’re relieved he made it to the show unscathed after his house burnt down 24hrs before his performance. Your dedication to your craft is commendable. SALUTE!

It was a pleasure to witness that Mak Manaka hasn’t lost his touch, though his memory strayed, he found his way back to us and we were there patiently waiting for poems we hadn’t heard from him in a very long time.

Blaqseed wound up a majestic show with beautiful music. What better way to end the show?

Join us for our next Word N Sound Series show on 5 July 2014. Keep your eye on our Facebook page and Twitter account for more info.

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