I look forward to performing with Blast again – Afurakan

AfurakanWe caught up with Word N Sound founder, Afurakan Mohare ahead of his showcase at the next episode of the Word N Sound Series in Newtown this Saturday.

1. What have you been up to in this last year since your last showcase?
When I showcased last year I had just started working as an Arts Projects Manager at the British Council. I have now recently joined Be Bozza, a digital distribution company, as the Head of Brand and Marketing. Outside of that I have been focused on growing Word N Sound as a brand and exploring other business ventures in the creative sector.

2. We hear your showcase is a preview of your first collection. Please tell us more about it?
Yes. So I have finally put together my first short poetry collection called The Book of Afurakan | “Blueprint for a Coup D’état”. On Saturday I will be presenting a few poems from the book and also look forward to performing with beat box genius “Blast” again.

3. What is the one poem you just have to write but the words refuse to come?
It is a poem called “Letter Bomb” and it just refuses to come out. I guess I have to be patient while the poem is busy writing itself, when it’s ready it will just fall out of my mouth.

4. ‘Cypher With God’ ends with “my tongue was then imprisoned for 21 reincarnations and only then can I cypher with God again.” Question is, has 21 centuries past and will you be cyphering with God again?
Eish but why? Wasn’t one cypher enough? And no, 21 reincarnations have not passed yet! LOL!

5. The Word N Sound stage has seen plenty new faces this year. Which poets have excited you the most and why?
If I can think of 2 names off the top of my head it would be Bafentse Ntlokoa who is an amazing new voice and Xabiso Vili who has an interesting energy and writing style.

6. What is next for Afurakan?
My next big move is taking poetry into the commerce of the digital space through my work at Be Bozza while continuing with my preparations to be President of the country in the not so distant future.

7. Complete the sentence: Dear Leader… Love got us here and love will free us from you!

Catch Afurakan on the Word N Sound stage this Saturday alongside beatbox legend, Blast. Also on the line up is Nancy G, the hottest Open Mic Slam in SA and the launch of #DearLeader. Don’t miss out, head to the Barney Simon Theatre (inside the main Market Theatre complex) on 3 May. Doors open at 12, show starts at 1. R50 gets you in.


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