Poet In A Suit

Mandi Vundla met up with Mxo Mtshali a poet and organizer from Durban to tell us more about “Poet In A Suit” a KZN festival taking place in 3 different Cities.

P in suit

“I’ve spotted pictures of fine poets dressed in suits on Facebook and I must say, it commanded my attention. Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” – Mandi

1. What is the inspiration behind naming the festival “Poet In a Suit “and what is it that you are trying to achieve with the event?

Kwazulu Poetry Festival contains poet in a suit and other sessions that will be taking place at the festival…. with a suit we are saying to the working class and people in business we are working too. Respect us; pay us well if the job is done well. We are saying we respect our job.

2. When and where is the festival? Please take us through the proceedings.

Durban, from 10h00 -17h00 we will be at the Bat centre doing workshops then the open mic and slam poetry competition.

From 19:00 Moses Mabida, Poet In A Suit Show
Date: 25 April 2014

Newcastle – Poet in a suit -black rock casino, day sessions -Newcastle art centre.

PMB – Day sessions Winston Churchill, Poet in a suit golden horse casino.

3. Organizing a multi-city festival is no child’s play, what challenges have you been faced with?

It’s those poets who feel that we were unfair by not putting them on the line up… money money, everything needs money. But next year I think it will be better.

4. “Poet in a suit” is a bold statement on its own, it challenges the conventional misconception that poets are dirty. Do you think the image of the poet matters?

When it comes to image i think it’s more about what a poet wants with his art. Some poets are too spiritual about it to the point yokuthi they think it’s wrong to be paid for it. But if a person is business minded about it lapho image counts a lot. With poet and a suit we are business minded it will be unfair for us to drag poets to it if they view poetry as a religion of some sort.

5. How can people find out more about this event?

Poet in a suit Facebook page…
Mxolisi Mtshali

2 thoughts on “Poet In A Suit

  1. Buhle says:

    I am impressed and so coming to the one in Newcastle, I only need the date 😀
    ” it’s more about what a poet wants with his art.” #word


  2. […] Poet In A Suit. […]


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