INTERVIEW: I’m glad Manufacturing Kings became what it is – Elysium Garcia

TshepeMutle Mothibe interviewed Elysium Garcia ahead of his showcase at the next
Word N Sound Series.

1. How long have you been writing poetry and how long have you been performing/reciting your work?
Looking back now, it has been some time since I started writing things down. It, however, took much longer to understand what that meant and what I’m exactly doing with it. So with that said; I might have just started a few months ago, I don’t know.

I started saying the things I write to people late 2007. Performance is a recent story as well, that came after a lot of attempts and what I now consider to be incomprehensible metal-like baby-talk. I’m grateful of the growth.

2. What is your favourite poetic device and please share one of your current favourite lines if possible break down the word play and what you mean to say with the line?
Man, beyond that whole alchemy of syntax, rhyme schemes and metaphors, I’m a fan of Voice, a poet’s distinctive sound! The command a poet charges just when they start speaking. It really doesn’t count that much to me if you are saying the simplest of things, as long as they are carried by command, I’ll love you stupidly!

“Soldier; there’s a lot you haven’t bled enough to know, a lot you haven’t cried enough to see. You haven’t suffered enough to accept defeat. Pick yourself up!” …I don’t have an explanation.

3. What sort of books do you like reading and please name 2 of your favourite authors?
I LOVE Magical Realism books! I read now a lot of Carlos Ruiz Zafon and yes; the father: Monghadi Kgabane Qhoboshiane Nnate Morena Okri! (Yah noh, you know; he deserves all of that!)

4. Do you have a ritual you do before going on stage and please take us through your preparation process before a major performance?
I do have a ritual, which unfortunately I cannot disclose, The Shadows won’t allow.
Ey man, for a major show, I just ‘LOGIN’ from the moment I hear about it. I never stop talking about it. I think about all the time.

5. What inspired Manufacturing Kings and where did you find the different pics in the vid?
Manufacturing Kings was inspired by the Word N Sound Do Good Inc. It reflected on the tragic past of the lack of everything informative in my early life, the hardships and dust, thereof.

And also (a concealed truth) I tied a lot of tools into the poem trying to retain my previous month’s King of the Mic spot, which didn’t actually happen. But today I’m horrendously euphoric that the poem became what it is, beyond the slam realm.

The images revealed themselves to me, everyday oblivious blogging and suddenly something powerful photographs would just jump in front of me. I had to do something about it.

6. If you had a million pounds to put together a show…What would the one man poetry show look like?
A DAMN NEW WORLD (to the extraterrestrial) ORDER!!!
I would eat it’s face!
I would unearth all shadowy things, materialize dreams and pull a whole Houdini on stage! Levitate and metamorphose all I want! IMAGINE!!!
People would never attend a poetry show after seeing that one, unless it is set to be far beyond that.
Ey I’d break the damn thing! Decompose it to ashes.


One thought on “INTERVIEW: I’m glad Manufacturing Kings became what it is – Elysium Garcia

  1. Coconuttish says:

    It’s the most awesome thing to read this while listening to Manufacturing Kings! Thank you!


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