#WNSallstars: There was a stage now for poets to come and just be poets – Mpho

1. Where did you first hear about WNS and what made you want to be a part of it?
I can’t really remember where I first heard of Word N Sound, but it came at a time when I had told myself I wanted to try out performance poetry.

2. Tell us about your first time on the WNS stage. How was the experience? What did you love about it and what did you hate?
My first experience on the Word N Sound stage, I was told my poem was too short, I went home and redid it. I loved the fact that there was a stage now for poets to come and just be poets. Initially, I didn’t like the competitive nature of the stage.

3. What has been your most memorable WNS show?
My most memorable would have to be the first WnS Festival, getting to be part of such an event and stand next to great poets.

4. You are now part of the WNS committee. What is your role and how has that experience been?
My role in the committee is as merchandiser and also looking at the WNS paperwork. The challenge is learning the role on the job, the reward is learning all these new trades that one didn’t posses before.

5. Name 3 of your favourite poems from any of the artists in the AllStars line up. What is it about that poem that makes it stand out?
Favorite poems would have to be Mandi’s poem that she performed at the WnS poetry corner, the name of the piece escapes me. Bonga’s cyber-dating, its poem that shows that as poets we don’t always have to be serious and political. Andrew’s poem, make up your mind. I love the poem as it highlights the plight that women face of having to please their partners by looking all made up, while neglecting their intellect.

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