#WNSallstars: Chris Redmond’s imagery made me want to burn all my poems – Mutle


1. Where did you first hear about WNS and what made you want to be a part of it?
The first time I heard of Word N Sound was through my girlfriend’s friends. They kept telling me how I need to be part of the performance line up and they’d told me how they need to speak to Afura and get me to perform.

2. Tell us about your first time on the WNS stage. How was the experience? What did you love about it and what did you hate?
My first time was at the UJ space where I performed ‘Parkinsons’. I came 3rd place which was rather disappointing. But it was a fun experience and got to meet all the interesting characters of Word N Sound.

3. What has been your most memorable WNS show?
My most memorable performance and Word N Sound experience was the Tongue Fu performance. That was fucken amazing! Chris Redmond’s imagery was like a solar flair bursting inches away from my third eye and made me want to burn all my poems and work even harder. Haven’t felt that way in YEARS!

4. You are now part of the WNS committee. What is your role and how has that experience been?
I’m the International Relations Manager at Word N Sound. Dealing with building and maintaining relations with international clients. It’s more fun than anything really. I get to see the people behind the artist and their art. I get to see the real side of these amazing witty and quite sensitive beings. I love that I’ve also come to gain friends internationally. I really don’t have any lows in my line of work.

5. Name 3 of your favourite poems from any of the artists in the All Stars line up. What is it about that poem that makes it stand out?
Kagiso’s Manufacturing Kings, Mandis poem on the kwaito stars and Mpho Khosi’s Nkosi Sikeleli iAzania piece.

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