Review: WNS Presents Modise Sekgothe

On Thursday we launched our latest show, ‘Word N Sound Presents…’ at Sophiatown Restaurant in Melville. Audiences had the pleasure of experiencing the magic that is Modise Sekgothe. Madd love and respect goes out to this phenomenal artist.

Modise Sekgothe: I’m getting excited about my One Man, I’m looking forward to it, here’s what it’s gonna be, Me…alone, my poems, that I love and some music to accompany it, that’s about it, no projectors or videos or guitarists or dancers or collaborants, just me, and you, together, for an hour, intimate with each other, sharing a love like no other, a love for poetry. A few glimpses into the colour of my soul, sapphire rose petals carrying each word from my mouth to your ears. Thank you for coming. Vus’umuzi Phakathi: King. All the best with your One-man on Thursday. Much respect for the move. We sees you. #2014TakeOver

Sibusiso Mkatshwa: Feeding the soul! Nice one…”a true poet is a stripper”
Makhosonke El Diego Mlotshwa: And it’s a wrap…beautiful and truly my money’s worth. Ladies and Gentlemen, Modise Sekgothe.
Xongani Maluleka: So let’s talk about this man, Modise Sekgothe. Our first main act for WNS Presents.An awesome show he gave us,one performance to always remember. The crowed was mesmerized.His poems are healing, exciting, inspiring, indulging. We have so much to take home with us. Thank you for reminding us why we do this everyday, why we poets voluntarily get on stage strip bare naked to expose our vulnerability,and it’s OK!!


Join us at Sophiatown in Melville next month as we host Makhafula Vilakazi.
24 Apr | R50 | 7 for 7:30pm

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