INTERVIEW: Modise Sekgothe

Ahead of his one-man show at the launch of our latest show, ‘Word N Sound Presents…’, Modise  Sekgothe took some time to answer Mutle Mothibe’s questions.


1. Tell us 2 questions you wish an interviewer would ask you and answer them?
What is your approach to poetry? My approach to poetry is experimental, each and every one of my poems are an attempt, an experiment, either at a different style, theme, subject matter, etc.

What in your opinion makes a great spoken word artist? A great spoken word
artist is a combination of two very difficult skills and that is; writing and performance, many good spoken word artists are very good at one and somewhat average at the other.

2. How important is meditation in your life and towards your art?

My goodness! This is definitely a question I would love an interviewer to ask me. Meditation is the most important thing in my life actually, it’s the basis of who I am and how I want to evolve as an individual, I feel I have created and continue to create a beautiful inner and outer life for myself because of meditation. With regards to my art, well…I feel like
poetry is a meditation in itself thus it only happens and comes to you and through you only when you’re in a certain state or level of consciousness.

I’ve recently found however that its always pivotal in the writing, memorisation and rehearsal but not necessarily condusive to performance for me because it makes me too calm and too aware of my surroundings during performance whereas performance requires somewhat of a narrowing of ones force and sensitivity.

3. Tell us your favourite poem from your collection and why that poems stands out for you?
Uhm…I love Winters Whimpers man and I feel like people just don’t get it…lol. I just think its beautiful man, I worked so hard on that poem and layered it sooo much, it never bores me, its one of my oldest pieces but still excites me more than most of my newer works. It’s very well written but perhaps not too performance orientated, its one of the most literal (literature) poems I’ve ever written. It’s a literature poem more than it is a spoken word poem.

4. Name 2 of your favourite authors?
Oh man, this is hard, I’ll go for Ben Okri and Paulo Coelho, they are my two of my most favourite “novelists”

5. You’ve acted in theatre productions… Tell us how that experience impacted on your poetry?
Yeah…uhm, the theatre influenced my work ethic and my understanding of performance as distinct from writing, its where I learn how to be a performer, where I learn how to bring to life what I put to paper so easily but struggle with a bit on stage. I also learnt that there is an infinite field of layering in what appears to the audience as a 3 dimensional performance and how to tap into that as a performer. I’m still learning man.

6. If you could choose 5 (local or international) poets to work with who would they be?
Yourself…lol (Mutle Mothibe The Boss!) lol! Isah Ngalo, there’s something about her writing that I feel a deep resonance with. Zewande Bhengu, I would love to share a stage with that nigga, he’s a fiery performer! Obviously Saul Williams, cause he’s just G! and Conelius Jones,
of course there are many more.

7. You recently graduated, If you had to choose between staying on as an artist or going into the field of a practicing psychologist which would you choose and why?
Hahaha, the universe chose for me, Im doing poetry and drama full-time now, I wanted to study further and get my Honours but I realised that the only reason I wanted to hold on to the Psychology was because I was afraid of poetry, of not making it…Outside of that fear, nothing makes me happier man, its what I was born to do, write and perform, its who I am.

8. What is one word you struggle to use in your poems and are still waiting for the right instance in which to use it?
Lol! gauntlet, its a really nice word but what am I gonna say about a gauntlet?

9.Do you feel as an artist you are paid enough for the efforts you put into your craft?
Lol! No…but I’m learning what I need to do in order for things to start happening differently.

10. Please write a haiku about meditation and share it on the Word N Sound series page.
Will do! this is the best interview ever! haha…big ups!


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