Breaking New Ground with “Word N Sound Presents…”

Word N Sound’s newest show was birthed from the simple need to create more platforms for poets to perform, introduce themselves to new audiences and create a market for them to sell products to.

“Word N Sound Presents…” is a platform given to poets to showcase their full-length shows. Whether the show is a theatrical poetry piece, 1-man show or poetry & music performance, is left to the artist.

Our aim is to allow artists an avenue to present their offering to the audience, prior to (or after) the official launch of any such show/product; and for the audience to connect with performers whose work they enjoy, and meet artists whose work they may connect with in an intimate setting that allows for meaning interaction.

Modise_whitte_digitalFor the inaugural Word N Sound Presents…, the stage will be graced by none other than the versatile Modise Sekgothe.

Formerly known as “Fragment of da Youniverse”, Modise is a poet, playwright and actor who has previously taken to the Word N Sound stage individually and as part of the ensemble cast of “The Funeral”. He melds his highly visual writing style with a calm, yet finely nuanced delivery to present masterful poetry.

So masterful in fact, that Modise was the recipient of the Word N Sound Best Showcase Award at the second annual Word N Sound Awards. He has also performed at the Izimbongi Poetry Festival, The Word N Sound International Youth Poetry + Live Music Festival and presented his play “The Funeral” at POPArt in the Maboneng Precinct.

This first edition: “Word N Sound Presents Modise Sekgothe” will take place on March 27th, at Sophiatown on 7th Street in Melville. The price of admission is R50.00, so be sure to bring a friend.

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