Ep 1: Top 5 – #McMora

S4E1_McMora1In as much as I want slam and slam hard, I also want to do a lot of other things beyond that.

1. Why poetry?
It was the second form of art that I was exposed to and in growing up and developing myself further, it would have been a shame to leave it behind…and besides, I think I was pressured to continue writing unconsciously by people who kept telling me that I was good, so…because I wanted to continue being good, I continued writing.

2. Tell us about your name, how it came about and if it makes up part of the game plan for conquering a stage?
In 2012, I lost my brother and his name was Samora. His nickname was Mcmora. I thought to use his nickname to keep his memory alive for myself and to never forget him. The Hashtag came in later when I started to wish he was better known and acknowledged, so given twitters’ HashTag concept to spread news, I put the HashTag in front of the name so I could expand the name further, especially in social Media. #McMora

3. Do you intend on fighting it out all year on the league or was that a one hit wonder?

Yes, I do. If I can, I want to be number 1 every time. But unfortunately, we cannot see the future and things may arise which may prompt me not to participate in some months. Ideally, I do want to compete for the whole year.

4. First time on the Word N Sound stage and you kill it! How do you feel? Do you think you can meet the expectations of your newly found fans?
I don’t know how I feel, really. But I can say that it is an absolute pleasure to have people come to me and say how the piece I performed touched them and I think that may have been the key to my winning, the content was relevant to a lot of people. Expectations? Like I said, I want to be successful every month, so I already have my own expectations which are pretty high and if anybody expects more than that from me, then they are asking for my blood. hahaha. But honestly, I am just hoping not to disappoint myself, the panel and the people.

5. If anything, what scares you most about the world of slamming?
Not growing/going further than slamming. In as much as I want slam and slam hard, I also want to do a lot of other things beyond that. So what scares me is being stuck in one place and fall in love with the competition.

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