INTERVIEW: Mike Schreiber

1800151_10152307616898968_1765916394_o1. Does your anthropology degree have an influence on your approach to photography? If so how?
Anthropology is the study of cultures, so I think it works very well with photography. I’m naturally curious and I love bullshitting and meeting people, so photography is a perfect medium for me. I like being out in the world. Anthropology taught me to look at things critically, to look for what was beneath the surface. People are interesting enough to me on their own, so I never felt the need to embellish what was already in front of me. I think I’m a documentarian by nature. Even when shooting portraits, I try to shoot more of what I see as opposed to creating a false environment. I personally think it’s more interesting that way.

2. You’ve shot everything from prisoners in Angola to kids in the streets of Cuba and hip hop celebrities. Which photoshoot stands out the most for you?
I can’t point to one that stands out the most. They’re all part of my life, so I take different things from each experience. They’re all different, but the one constant is me. My photos taken together are the story of my life.

3. Of the hip hop artists you’ve captured which one was the trickiest to capture… And which one was the most fun to work with?
My whole thing is my personality. I connect easily with most people, but some people I just don’t like and vice versa. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the pictures reflect that. M.I.A. was always fun. We had really good chemistry I think. Mos Def is great. David
Banner. Biz. There are a lot, but those four stand out.

4. If you weren’t a photographer what profession would you persue?
Exotic dancing.

5. You’re set to exhibit on the upcoming Word N Sound Series on 1 March. What can the audience expect to see on the day?

Pictures from my book, “True Hip-Hop”, stories about my pictures. Beer. 😬

True Hip-Hop author, Mike Schreiber talks about how he feels about hip-hop with panelists: Rodney Carmichael, Fahamu Pecou and Dr. Joyce Wilson. Also, a Hip-Hop Photographer, Mike has produced images for some of the best in the music business.

Catch Mike Schrieber’s digital photo exhibition on the Word N Sound stage this Saturday, 1 March, at the Market Theatre Laboratory, 3 President Street Newtown.

Visit the official event page here.

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