Interview: Luka Lesson

LukaLessonEveryone is scared of making a mistake. But that’s the beauty of poetry, there are no real mistakes. – Luka Lesson

1. You’ve been likened to Saul Williams based on your content and style of delivery…Did you ever listen to Saul or how do you feel about being likened to him?
Yeah, I’m honoured to be put in that realm. He’s a brave poet and is one that I
keep coming back to for sure. Saul is an inspiring artist. As is Charlie Dark from
London who gave me that title of ‘young Saul’ when he was visiting Melbourne.

2. What is one word you’ve struggled to use in your pieces and are still waiting for the write instance/piece in which to use it?
I’ve been working on a piece about the word ‘paradox’ in my head for about a year. It’ll come when it’s ready.

3. You run workshops on poetry performances and writing…What is one prevalent problem faced by up and coming writers/poets when it comes to this genre of art?
The tyranny of the blank page. Everyone freaks at ‘writers block’ or where to start. Or even more so, people also keep asking me for permission to write a certain line or idea. Everyone is scared of making a mistake. But that’s the beauty of poetry, there are no real mistakes. Some things do sound better than
others, but everyone’s voice is different, so each person can set up their own style and therefore roll with their own rules.

4. Name 3 of your favourite authors?
Khalil Gibran would be number one because he is really who made me believe in poetry as a tool to help change, heal and grow as a human being.
Nikos Kazantsakis, a Greek author, who hails from my homeland. My grandparents and parents migrated from Greece to Australia in the 1940s and Kazantsakis was one of the most famous and politically aware authors of his day. His last book ‘Zorba the Greek’ reads like poetry.
The third would be Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian who inspired me to put together my debut book of poetry ‘The Future Ancients’.

5. What can the Word N Sound audience expect from your upcoming performance on the 1st of March?
My work is based in the rap foundations that I started from, so there are some tight verses and political messages…but I’ve moved on and experimented with other styles as well. In the end, in my performance they can expect plenty of heart, heavy word-play and an Australian accent. 🙂

Catch Luka Lesson live on the Word N Sound stage this Saturday, 1 March, at the Market Theatre Laboratory, 3 President Street Newtown.

Visit the official event page here.

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