Guest DJ: truejOnes

Our first show of the year kicks off with quite a bang. Not only are we featuring our Open Mic Champ alongside one of Scotland’s best performers but we also have the 2nd Annual Word N Sound Awards…and a guest DJ. We caught up with truejOnes ahead of his set at Word N Sound tomorrow…

What is the best song to start the day with?
The song I start my day off with is usually the one I wake up singing, and this often changes. Today I woke up singing The Temptations rendition of the song Message From A Black Man, its a 70 classic, which became one of the sounds that defined the black panther movement.

What is the one line that hits you hardest?
“no matter how hard you try you can’t stop me now”

So you’re playing at this Saturday’s gig. Why did you agree to play a poetry gig?
Poetry and music have been married from the time of the Griot. Poetry for a while had lost its fire for me because it became a tad too predictable. I am currently on a search for my history through music and this is taking me down roads that have rekindled a love for the spoken word . The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, Amiri Baraka, and Camille Yarbrough to mention a few come to mind. These Africans in America influence your Don Matera, Molefe Pheto and a host of South African poets. So to answer your question I agreed because its part of my quest and the discoveries are useless unless shared. dig?

And who or what are your influences when it comes to music
” This is a black music revolution ” I am influenced by musicians who as Baraka put it; are not abstracted from their communities needs, aspirations and common cause. This usually means I dig into a lot of music from the 60’s-early to mid 90s. From Fela to Diggable Planets.

My parents were a primary and grand influence. Pop played Miles and Mama played Nina.

You aren’t just a Dj, I’ve heard you call yourself a creative monster. What else do you do?
I create art with a pencil and paint brush, a camera and chisel , words and so on. Essentially I take a creative approach to everything. Like how an accountant always looks at the numbers of any project, I find the creative perspective.

Working on anything interesting? I heard about a project with musical genius Daniel Nubian?
Ssshhhh, I can’t give away too much but I can say that Daniel Nubian is a genius who has allowed me to share my love of African music . The collaboration project basically takes Afrogrooves and makes them modern dance floor relative without losing their substance.

So what can we expect from you on Saturday and what are you expecting from WNS?
From WNS I have no expectations. I would be honored to be met by open minds and ears. From me, well one should expect black history, love and passion wrapped in rhythm and beat. Jams to make your souls move.

Sounds awesome Lastly, what song should the Word N Sound massive listen to right now
The song I woke up to mentioned earlier.

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