Awards: Rennie Alexander

Rennie Alexander’s ‘The Rains of Modjadji” has been nominated for a Perfect Poem Award.

What would you say makes up a “Perfect Poem”?
A perfect poem would only depend on the scale you are using to measure the poems with. In this regard according to how poems are judged on the Word n Sound stage, the scales would be writing capability and performance. If a poet executes both very well then that would be considered a perfect poem.

How do you feel about having your poem being nominated for such an award?
I feel humbled.

Tell us about your poem. What was the inspiration behind it? How was it received by the audience? What did you want us to take away from the piece?
The Rains of Modjadji is a poem about African myths interpreted in a modern society. The poem scales down ignorance to old customs that ruled black culture. This poem is a reminder, an inspiration for Africans to reconnect with their traditions and cultures through recognising their past. It was received well (I believe), the responses have been incredible. I wanted to show the audience the world through my eyes with the poem, even if it was for three and a half minutes.

Who would you say is in the best position to judge this category?
It would be great if it were established South African Poets.

Amongst the nominees, which poem would you say is the “Perfect Poem” (besides your own of course)?
None of the above according to my scales.

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