Awards: Mutle Mothibe

Mutle Mothibe’s ‘Mutle Meets Justin’ has been nominated for a Perfect Poem Award.


What would you say makes up a “Perfect Poem”?
According to me, the perfect poem is judged by looking at both the execution of content and the performance of the piece in such a way that the audience both resonates and understands the work. The goosebumps and tears are my confirmation in most times.

How do you feel about having your poem being nominated for such an award?
I feel honoured that people see the efforts I put in my work. I am excited about the idea that people actually enjoy my alien work than I am about the award. The fact that I’ve been chosen means someone resonates with it.

Tell us about your poem. What was the inspiration behind it? How was it received by the audience? What did you want us to take away from the piece?
The poem was inspired by the struggles I went through as an artist and I wanted to write a motivational letter to myself. I wanted to insure that Mutle does not quit, and that he must continue working hard through the toughest of times.

The audience loved the poem, it showed me how global the message is and that almost all the artists I know resonate with the struggles. I hope people can refer to my work when they feel a sense of distrust in art. Art can be quite testing.

Who would you say is in the best position to judge this category?
I think the audience is in the best position to judge this category; they were the spectators and the ones at the receiving end of my work.

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