#WNSFest Interview: About That Life

About That Life is a 5 piece band neo-afro jazz band that first set the Word N Sound stage ablaze earlier this year. We asked lead vocalist Lwazilubanzi Mthembu to tell us the story behind some of the bands favourite songs.


“Uhambo Lwam’”
Uhambo Lwam’ is a prayer from the land of the dark and twisties. It speaks of a child of the light who has been exhausted by a journey full of strife, and tells the Lord that she can’t possibly face another day. It is really about honesty with ones self and God. Christianity, in this life thing, isn’t an easy path and the pretence gets us no where. Umhlaba uyahlaba yoh!

“Big Girls”
We were (and are still) tired of the principals of this entertainment industry. Byron and I have completed our degrees in Dramatic Arts and are pursuing a stable life through music and acting, but this has been more challenging than not. Through our journeys we have seen (and experienced) that this industry is most brutal to the fuller-figured women and that society perpetuates this notion. So this is our ode to all plus size woman, reminding them of their God given beauty…oh and because all the men in the band just love their women with a lot more meat than boneJ.

I wrote this song and presented it to the gentlemen who just took it to an unimaginable level (as they are just prone to do). My biggest fear has been having to explain the impetus of the music beyond the confines of About That Life. In a nutshell we will say that this is my heart on a sleeve (a CD sleeve please record labels J – hint, hint). I fell in love, the road got rocky, I said a prayer and realized that this couldn’t be the end. I wrote a song to heal my heart and maybe give a voice to many (unconventional romantics). The rest of this love story is still being written a day at a time. There is no beauty in perfection or pity, only in honesty.

Catch About That Life live at this year’s Word N Sound International Youth Poetry + Live Music Festival this Saturday at the Open Mic League Finale at the Market Theatre Laboratory.

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