Pretoria’s KB Kilobyte aka The Spartan is close to clinching his own record deal and now just needs us to show some love and support to this amazing poet who has continued to set our stage alight over the last 2 years.
1.How did you get involved with Khuli Chana?
 I stumbled upon a competition at Tuks where Khuli was looking for new talent alongside BlackBerry, Mc’s, singers, and more Mc’s. And then came a poet 😉
2. How has it been like working with him?
Well he and I haven’t officially met gain, but the build up has been quite something else. Just the opportunity to get poetry on another platform for people receive is enough for me.
3. What can the poetry community learn from the hip-hop community and what can we teach them?
We can definitely learn to collaborate more, there’s so much cohesion in hip hop in that sense. Vise versa, Poetry has been a crucial tool to tap into the conscious, tackle real issues (without mentioning how much money and Lamborghini we drive)….. I believe there is a point where can definitely meet, #Common and Tumi ( Tumi and the Volume)
4. Do you think poetry can be as commercially viable as hip-hop?
Yes, the question is, how much of the truth and identity of what we do will still be preserved? I just think it’s about keeping it clean and not contaminate the real poetry to the point of not recognising whether it is poetry or just a play of words.
5. How do we help you win this recording deal?
By voting for my debut track uploaded on the student village website, 3 easy steps from a pc or mobile:
2. Click on my pic or below it to listen to my track, if  you have, click the “Connect with Facebook” log in and 
3. Press “vote” under my pic
 Please note you are able to vote once a day for the month of October and November. 
A big thank you to my producers, Somza and J Smallz for having my back on this one!
6. If you could record your dream poetry album, which artists (poets and musicians) would you like to feature?
Sooo many, Vusi Mahlasela, Afurakan, Donald Neosepien, Mandi Poefficient, Tumi Wordshifter, Given Illustrative, Mute Mothibe, Rennie Alexander, Zwai Bala, this is just to mention a few. I do believe I will work with them in the near future.

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