Interview: Mutle takes over Cardiff

Mutle Mothibe is currently all the way in Cardiff representing the Word N Sound fam and South African poetry at the Takeover Cardiff. Takeover Cardiff  will see major cultural venues in the city handed over to young people to curate, develop and participate in programmes to engage their peers, showcasing new and emerging Welsh and international talent!


We caught up before he left to find out what he’d be up to.

Tell us about your trip to Cardiff. What will you be up to and how did you get involved.
In Cardiff I’ll be part of the Cardiff Takeover happening Saturday the 12th. It’s an event where music and poetry will be exhibited at a museum for the public to experience what the youth is capable of. Also will be part of a team facilitating workshops for a group of 10-15 people aged 18-25 from disadvantaged backgrounds and they will also be part of the show on the 12th.

I was recommended to British Council by Afurakan to go to Cardiff and it’s been a funny journey so far in terms of getting papers sorted and getting briefed for the actual trip.

What are you looking forward to the most?
I’m looking forward to a lot of things actually, first time being on a plane, being overseas, new people, cultures, tasting their different kinds of FOOD, different people I’ll meet, pics I’ll take of places I’ll explore…I feel like I’m looking forward to too many things.

What are you hoping to learn? What are you hoping to teach?
I’m hoping to learn more about the kids we’ll be working with and in the process learn about myself. I’m hoping to teach people as much as possible about my take on spoken word.

How do you see local poets benefiting from partnerships?
Oooh other than traveling (which I wholeheartedly appreciate), tapping into different spaces, new sources of inspiration and somewhat nerve wrecking challenges? I think we also get the opportunity to be instruments that transform art into something WAY different than any of us could have imagined. We have different backgrounds, takes, perceptions and gelling together to create something totally new is the amazing part of this process.

Mutle has already started working on projects with the amazing people he’s meet so far. Remember the poem that won him the King of the Mic title 2 months ago? Well he’s just taken Justin to another level, check this out:

Is this your first trip out of the country? Where else would you like to travel to?
Yes it’s my first time traveling outside our borders. I’m really drawn to Zimbabwe, New York and Swaziland as places I’d want visit with spoken word as the driving force.

Mutle will be performing at 4pm at The National Museum Cardiff.

Check out The Scribble Emporium for another cool interview he’s done while in Cardiff.

… In #WordNSound / British Council / GrassRoots we trust!…

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