Interview: Epic The Scriptwriter

Story-telling is prominent in my music and I’ve always acknowledged the importance of audio and visual art. – Epic The Scriptwriter

We caught up with Epic The Scriptwriter ahead of his performance at Word N Sound – Season 3 | Episode 8.
1. What was your first thought this morning?
Lol. I’m over this music thing but cant’ let go coz I love it.
2. What is the inspiration/reason behind the name “Epic The Scriptwriter”?
Besides people around me influencing how the name has evolved I’ve always wanted to do film hey, I did two years of it and I always felt my music was more visual then audio. Story-telling is prominent in my music and I’ve always acknowledged the importance of audio and visual art. Oh and I think it sound cool…but you gotta say the whole thing, like ‘A Pimp Named Slickback’ lol
3. Tell us about your latest album. What is it called, who did you work with and what kind of sound have you gone for?
I’ve recently just dropped a mixtape, so this offers me time to play around and restructure this album and may result in a few changes title wise and adding even more songs. The album tho is designed to describe me. not trying to fit in AS a hip hop head anymore or a battle/commercial/underground rapper doing music that feels good to me. One may find it’s created to have more mass appeal than my previous projects; which is true. With this one I’ve decided to not be afraid of change in the industry…embrace it and find a way to still make good music and work for me.
Download the mixtape here.

4. How have you made use of digital platforms to create or distribute your work?
Oh man, since I was a kid based in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape you are not in the media hub, far from it in fact, so it helped people from PTA, Jozi and Cape Town hear and follow my music.
5. What are your thoughts on the digital culture of music? People do not necessarily buy albums anymore, they download tracks and share it with their friends. Is this killing music or helping it spread?
That’s a tricky one neh, I’ve always felt the most you could benefit would be people attending your shows, buying your merchandise and endorsing your name. Album sales are good but it’s better to be heard then not to be.

6. What do you think about the state of hip-hop both locally and internationally?
There’s so much music out there and it’s so much easier to spread it, especially with good financial backing. So what’s happened is, obviously there will be more crap coming out. We then tend to think hip-hop is dying but those still doing it have set other bars and I like where hip-hop is man. It’s the biggest sub culture in the world right now so lets stop complaining about music dying and dig deeper for good music and push that up. SA-wise, same applies, I guess. We still need to find our identity though…few people make it hard for us to come up as ourselves, others are still killing it though.

7. Name your three favourite local (SA) hip-hop artists. What stands out about them?
Oh man…I’m a fan of some of the people I work with hey. I guess I’m exposed to too much of their work. Jbux, Hishaam, Sibu and Onerve but I feel some people out there. On writing I enjoy, ProVerb, Tumi and Zubz, maybe because I grew up listening to them but they very sincere in their music. I respect the guys out there taking it further like AKA, Khuli Chana and Reason…sorry, 3 was hard!

8. What is the greatest hip-hop song of all times and why?
Yoh…how can you…uhm…for me, it would be Stan by Eminem. That’s the scriptwriter side of me.

9. If I wasn’t a hip-hop artist I’d be a…?
Probably go wrap my Psychology major up and do something with that (realistically). But I would love to study film and write songs for people, not rappers, other genres.
10. You’ve recently moved to Johustleburg. How are you settling in and how is this city and its hip-hop scene/culture different to PE/Grahamstown?
It’s big…yall got it big! I still get home sick but I’m really liking Joburg! There’s so much more to do. It is your licence to dream even bigger, prove you can be a big fish in a big pond

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