1.  You are well-known as “Fragment Ofda Youniverse” in the poetry scene, how did this name come about?
I am Fragment Ofda Youniverse because I believe that God is all that is, all that is the Universe. We are part of this Universe/God and are part of each other. I use the spelling of Youniverse to emphasize the latter, that in the same way we are part of God, we are part of each other. I don’t like to refer to God as God though cause that means different things to different people.

2.  How would you describe your style of writing?
I would describe it as fine art, film and animation in words. Imagery is most primary to how I write, the poetry paints a picture more than it does anything else.

3.  If you were to stop writing poetry what would be the ideal substitute?
Drama, which I’ve begun exploring and am really enjoying, but if the scenario you’re mentioning does not prohibit me from other forms of writing I would definitely pursue prose and…being a playwright also seems pretty dope.

4.  You sometimes use music to enhance your performances, what would you say to anyone who thinks that this ruins poetry?
I would say that different kinds of poetry or poems have a different purpose, so if a poets intention is to evoke a certain emotion, create a certain mood in order to lay the perfect ground on which the poem is to be received, the music serves to bring a magical dimension to the performance. Music serves in taking ones audience to the place you need them to be when they receive the work.

5.  Name three books/authors that changed your life?
Whoa! Eckhart Tolle “The Power Of Now”, Rhonda Byrne “The Secret” and Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy “The Complete Guide To World Mysticism”

6.  Please finish this sentence with four lines, “roses are red…

“roses are red…
the thorns matter too,
cause without them, the roses have no stems it’s true.
And without that,
the scent of the rose goes too soon”

lol…that’s the best I could do.


7.  What’s your definition of poetry?
Uhm…poetry, I have no clue what it is…lol, I wont lie, anyway…it’s this magic that happens sometimes when certain gifted individuals open up to the cosmic substance and let it flow through them in all its beauty and majesty.

8.  Do you ever draw your inspiration from other artists, if yes please name a few?
I find great inspiration in the performance energy and style of Saul Williams, the mad skill and dedication of Mutle Mothibe, the mind-blowing image-laden writing of Conelius Jones as well as the innovative performance style of Andrew Manyika.


  1. marilyn agliotti says:

    Love your concept of music to set the mood – very exciting


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