1.  How long did it take to put this album together?

Two very long years. It’s been a back and forth experience because I’d find things I wanna change every time I’d listen to the master copy meant for printing.

2.  How is this project different from the previous albums you’ve released with Inaudible?

I think in this project I wanted to explore my work and see what’s possible without the collaborations  and bouncing of ideas when it comes to content. Thabo and Mohale were there at every recording to critique and at times they’d literally bust into the recording booth telling me to put in more effort or creativity into how the content was delivered. (Some of these critiques are even captured on the album for the audience to hear).

This album is personal. Gives die-hard fans a snippet of the old Mutle and then the rest of the album is just packed full of works I’ve come to love.


3.  Why ‘In_Sense’?

In_Sense…Basically I looked at the project before going into studio and realised that all the works had been by-products of meditation, deep concentration and contemplation.

I love burning incense when writing and sometimes would watch the smoke that rises from the stick for a while if I get stuck on a line or feel that the frequency of the poem is projecting is not up to standard. So the idea of ‘In_Sense’ was formed from fusing the concept of incense and my take or how I make sense of my inner and outer world.

I struggle a lot to make sense and convey myself clearly and logically and I felt this album best portrays Mutle In(a)_Sense.

4. What can we expect from the launch?

I want the launch to be an experience of The Artist Mutle. The audience should leave feeling that they know the Artist who created the works, know the creative process that went into putting the work together and also why I write the way I do. Think of it like a Secret Lecture before the big show, where the magician explains how all his tricks work and how you yourself can easily do the tricks. I want to let people in on my creative process while entertaining them.

5.  Were there any challenges you faced while putting this album together?

Well yes. I tend to be anal about my work so I kept finding flaws and things I’d want to add to the works, moods I wanted to convey. The artwork on the album cover also gave me hassles because I wanted the concept of In_Sense to come through perfectly, which we eventually did accomplish. It’s had its obstacles but I’m quite happy with the final product.

6. Did you have a target market in mind and who do you think this album will appeal to?

No I didn’t think much about target market when I was creating the works. I think anyone who listens past the first stanza of any of my poems will find the album appealing. I think the album has something for everyone.


7. Do you have any featured artists?

No I didn’t feature anyone on this album.

8. What can you promise anyone who is willing to come to the launch and purchase your work?

Entrance is free so come through and you judge for yourself. I trust my work and feel it will speak for itself. I feel like promising people things\incentives carries a hint of doubt in what can happen on that day.

Mutle Mothibe launches his album ‘In_Sense’ on 26 May 2013 at the Gold Mine Cafe (58 Andreson Street). Entry is free and his album will be on sale for R100. To schedule artist interview, media accreditation and further info about the event please contact Qhakaza Mthembu – 079 526 0458.


  1. Inkstad says:

    Word to Mutle right there. I hope I will be seeing that ”burning of incence on stage”. I think it will convey more message on what really inspired you to come up with this promicing album. I am definetly there on Sunday.


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