1.What inspires you to keep on writing?

The love of writing and my infatuation with words and how through utterances the course of life can change.

2.Do you thing poetry is serving its purpose in society

I think poetry is a society, does it have an effect on the greater society? Well as small as that effect may be i believe it has a considerable effect on the arts of the society we are living in.

3.Why Poetry?

Nothing special really, i am a writer at heart and poetry is currently my release valve.


4. Lauryn Hill once said “I get mad frustrated when I rhyme, thinking of all the kids who try to do this for all the wrong reasons” Do you believe that there’s such a thing as becoming a performance poet for the “wrong” reasons, if yes what would you say those reasons are?

No i don’t agree, i do believe however that all people who aspire to be a poet or performance artist do have what it takes to achieve the desired goals. Content and performance are always in question but talent is something that is never questioned, id rather embrace the differences than sink in a community of like minded writers and performers.

5.  You’ve obviously been to a lot of open mic sessions and poetry shows, what is the one thing you can’t stand to see on stage?


6. What is your advice to anyone who is considering writing as a career

Id say count your cost before joining the band wagon i.e. Know what you are getting yourself into first before undertaking such a career. Because like every other job it has its ups and downs, perseverance determines success for a writer.

7.  What should we expect from your showcase?

My showcase will be a politically romantic concept, im going to be dwelling into myself and exhibiting my internal behaviors.

8. Please share with us some of your lines from one of your poems for all the people who’ve never heard of Rennie Alexander

“A plan to gain success is merely re-assurance if one already believes in success”


9.  They say it takes ten thousand hours for any individual to be a master at something, how many hours would you say you’ve put into writing?

Hahahahahaha, id say iv just completed a quarter of that, i still have 3 more quarters to go.

10. If you were given the chance to go back in time and have a conversation with the 12 year old Rennie, what would you tell him?

I would tell him to pay a lot of attention on himself, youth is only precious because of the amount of time they have and depending on how they utilize that time it determines their older years.


  1. lesangm says:

    wow, taken aback


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