1.  What inspired you to start House of Hunger?

I didnt start HOH. Its a project that belongs to Afican Synergy and supported by Alliance Francaise. I simply helped launch it here in SA. House of Hunger had been running for 5 yrs in Zim and we launched ours in 2009. my love for poetry slam and wanting to promote and develop the culture of poetry slam.

2.  You launched House of Hunger in Jo burg, what were some of the challenges you faced in doing so?
getting poets to buy this idea of slamming, to now I struggle to get poets coming to the shows on time, my other challenge is when they are 2 or 3 more spoken word events in jozi,happening at the same time.

3.  You’ve traveled and performed in many different countries, what is the one constant factor about poetry in any country/city?
How poetry moves the masses. Its power!

4.  Do you find it easier to write your poetry in your native tongue (Shona) than in English?
I write in a language that best expresses what I am feeling or working on. its easy for me to use both languages. Though to a lot of people say Shona is romantic. kikikiki

5.  Do you always write with the intention to perform? How different is writing for the stage from writing for the page?
I just write, and mostly I never write to perform, the process reveals its self on its own. hence I can chose later if this poem is just for my note books or to be performed. though some of my works that I perform have been inspired by rythm and sound. I think the difference depends with individuals. for me its I decide what I want to share one on one with the audience, thats the work I perform and some poems I just keep them in my note books

6.  Have you been published in any book?

7.  What are your thoughts on competitive poetry?
depends on what the purpose of the competition is. I am up for the development of our craft, things like to get published, to get a scholarship, books etc. Though I have seen poets compete for money and to see who is best between A or B, which might lead to beef between the artists

8.  You run a vibrant slam at HOH. What do you think makes a poem worthy of winning a slam?
Any poem deserves to win. unless if you are running with a particular theme, then u can design a judging criteria. well, for me its never about winning but what you are saying, the point is the poetry. as you have seen, there is nothing special about our judging system at HOH. We just engage in the love and fun of it. Its volunteers from the audience. Some times for me a poet says nothing and get more points and when a deep poet performs they get less points.

9.  This will be your first time on the Word N Sound stage, how do you feel about it?
I am honored, I have been wanting to take part since it came on the scene. but because I have been up and down I couldn’t take part. so yeah. I am excited and nervous!

10.  Do you see possibilities of House of Hungry partnering with Word N Sound on any projects? If so, what ideas do you have in mind?
Already we did something together. Last year HOH facilitated for Afrukan to travel and perform in Harare, Zimbabwe. What I would love to see is us fusing our energies

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