Poetry League Standings | 2 Feb

The 2013 Word N Sound Open Mic Poetry League got off to a brilliant start at our last show (2 Feb 2013).

It was good to see some old faces like Assassin, Pilgrim and Isah return to the stage in the new year. Open Mic veteran and WNS Showcase Poet of the Year (2012) returned with a chilling piece that landed him in the number 2 spot. And it’s always exciting to see new faces, hear new styles and experience new performers.

Our Top 5 for the month represent an interesting mix of performance and writing styles. Congrats to No Life, Gratitude Fisher, Roach, KB Kilobyte and our latest Queen of the Mic Mapule.


The current Top 10 standings are:

1 Mmapule 205
2 KB 194
3 Roach 191
4 Gratitude Fischer 182,5
5 No Life 177
6 Pilgrim 176
7 Nubian Queen 162,5
8 CT Martin 160
9 Isah 156
10 Chipo 144

See you on 2 March when we host Kojo Baffoe, Kabomo Vilakazi and Conelius Jones. Best poem on the open mic walks away with the title of King/Queen of the Mic and R500 cash.

Come out and play

…in #WordNSound we trust…

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