1. Last year at the word n sound festival you won the open mic challenge and took the title of “Queen of the Mic”, what was going through your mind when they announced the winner?

I finally did it, I really wasn’t sure I was going to take it
because the competition was super tight, so I had my doubts

2. You’ll be showcasing at the first Word n Sound show for this year, what can we expect from your performance?

2 new pieces

3. What inspires you to keep writing and performing?

Honestly, being upset and agro is my greatest inspiration
The best poems come from heartache


4. How would you describe your style of writing?

It’s visual

5. Do you write to a specific audience or with a specific group of people in mind?

I don’t even think about the audience when I write,
which makes me quite nervous at times, because I wonder when I’m not
reciting to artists or a poetry audience if they understand my messages and
If I don’t get lost in translation

6. Please tell us how the name “Poefficient” come about?

lol, I loved playing around with the word poetry, especially it’s prefix so I juggled
around some ideas and guess what—EFFICIENT came to mind
POEFFICIENT, it felt like a good complete poem
#pats self on the back

7. Will you be defending your “Queen Of the Mic” title this year?

I don’t plan to, but poetry is addictive so if anything or anyone inspires me to come back to that competitive platform, I may succumb

8. You also incorporate music in your performances, can you tell us about the process of selecting the appropriate song/melody for a piece

You complete the piece, then you go through a music selection process
and the song that incorporates the tone of your poem is the one

9. “Our poverty is the 8th wonder of the world” what was the inspiration behind this line?
It’s that grim image of dirty kids with leaking nostrils chasing a tourist bus in the locations,
it upsets me how it excites and this is how Africa is perceived throughout the world
just disease and poverty. .#rolls eyes
10. How far are you planning on taking poetry this year?
I’ve been fantasizing about poetry videos
and yes, yes, yes, yes. It’s time for performance poetry!!!!!!!!




  2. INgonyama says:

    Great stuff Mandy. Im proud of you


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