Perfect Poem Award | Purple Jupiter

Purple Jupiter’s poem ‘Every 17 Seconds’ has been nominated for the first ever Word N Sound Perfect Poem Award. Find out how to vote for this poem below.

When writing the poem, what did you hope the audience would take/experience/learn from it?
Vuyelwa Maluleke:
I was appalled by the rape stats in SA at the time and my response was this poem. Because I know too many women who have been violated. Because there is still something to be said, because I want little girls…

When I write, I am vigilant about not thinking about an audience’s response to my work. I write knowing someone will listen, so there are conventions I attempt to adhere to but more importantly it’s about the thing, person, feeling, or situation and if I tell that story well then an audience will feel what they feel and whatever that is, it’ll be good enough.

How did the Word N Sound fam receive the poem? Was the feedback positive or negative?
The Word & Sound fam was supportive and receiving…that’s more than any writer expects sometimes. It’s great!

If you could perform this piece to anyone in the world (one person or a group) who would it be and why?
LOVEGLORI…there’s soul and victory in everything they sing! I love that.

If someone were to hear only one line of your poem, which line would you chose to say?
‘How many little girls do you need to break into before you have enough pieces to put yourself back together with?’

How does it feel being nominated for the first ever ‘Word N Sound Perfect Poem Award’?
It’s kind! It’s also maybe a little unfair because perfection is so relative.

. . . . . . . . . .


It’s so simple to show support for your favourite poem nominated for a Word N Sound Perfect Poem Award. All you have to do is;
1. Like our Facebook page,
2. Find your favourite poem on the page
3. Watch it and
4. Like it!

The video with the most likes + views wins. So get watching and liking, share with your friends all over the world. Voting closes: 7 Dec 12pm


Conelius Jones – Never Meant To Stay
Mandi Poefficient Vundla – The Starving Preface
Mpho Khosi – Where Did It All Go Wrong
Purple Jupiter – Every 17 Seconds
Masai Dabula – What Do You Know About Freedom
King Nova – The House That We Built
Andrew Manyika – Make-Up (Your Mind)
KB Kilobyte – Joburg Let My People Go

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