Perfect Poem Award | Masai Dabula

Masai Dabula’s poem ‘What Do You Know About Freedom’ has been nominated for the first ever Word N Sound Perfect Poem Award. Find out how to vote for this poem below.

When writing the poem, what did you hope the audience would take/experience/learn from it?
We are not alone, we all go through struggles but the one that is mostly detrimental to us all is ignorance. The purpose of the poem was to adjure people to start questioning what governs us and question what determines morality.

How did the Word N Sound fam receive the poem? Was the feedback positive or negative?
Lol! I can never say. I wish it was positive, because I really do write for my health and a positive sign is good in poetry. All in all, we can never tell what the audience thinks but I’ve been receiving immense love and I’m grateful for that positivity.

If you could perform this piece to anyone in the world (one person or a group) who would it be and why?
I wish God was human for a day. I know that’s a bit far-fetched but wishful thinking never harmed anyone. But for now, I’d like to recite the poem for the president because I feel like the people and the president are not on the same page.

If someone were to hear only one line of your poem, which line would you chose to say?
‘Why would I leave these four visible walls for more invisible walls.” But why deprive yourself of the whole poem? Lol!

How does it feel being nominated for the first ever ‘Word N Sound Perfect Poem Award’?
Yho! YOh! Honoured, it’s more of an incentive to my hard work. Just being nominated is full proof that we the youth of Azania can inspire change in more than one way…


. . . . . . . . . .


It’s so simple to show support for your favourite poem nominated for a Word N Sound Perfect Poem Award. All you have to do is;
1. Like our Facebook page,
2. Find your favourite poem on the page
3. Watch it and
4. Like it!

The video with the most likes + views wins. So get watching and liking, share with your friends all over the world. Voting closes: 7 Dec 12pm


The category is inspired by Kojo Baffoe’s poem in which he is “on a quest to find the perfect poem, a gentle balance between word, rhythm and thought …a poem that sends the moon and sun dancing over the skyline hand in hand”.

Conelius Jones – Never Meant To Stay
Mandi Poefficient Vundla – The Starving Preface
Mpho Khosi – Where Did It All Go Wrong
Purple Jupiter – Every 17 Seconds
Masai Dabula – What Do You Know About Freedom
King Nova – The House That We Built
Andrew Manyika – Make-Up (Your Mind)
KB Kilobyte – Joburg Let My People Go

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One thought on “Perfect Poem Award | Masai Dabula

  1. hexedsant3 says:

    Reblogged this on hexedword and commented:
    Masai… is the NEW GENERATION OF POETRY… he enters all our lives, speaks of all our difficulties, he’s the absent brother that watches when our fathers abuse us, when hunger mocks us… when pain embraces our bodies and leaves us clusterphobic…


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