FESTIVAL REVIEW: Some issues were sidelined

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary or in our modern day vocabulary that can describe this year’s Word N Sound experience. When I attended the festival I knew it would be an amazing event but I didn’t expect to be such a life changing moment of my life.

Being in a room full of established and young poets can be very inspiring. It was amazing to see the young poets bringing the fire and upping their game to the point where you saw the established poets sort of feel the pressure. We need more spaces like Word N Sound to carry the message through and to get young people engaging and sharing once again. The word has always been there, even before us and so it’s important to keep the fire burning.

The only bad thing that really left a bitter taste in my mouth was the fact that the event failed to take a moment and recognise the Gay Pride. They covered a lot of issues from racism, love, heartbreak, gender equality, unemployment but this was the only issue that was sidelined. It was sad to see only two females in the top ten poets proving that there is still a long way to go regarding gender equality within slam poetry.

Overall Word N Sound Festival was an amazing and life changing experience. – by THANDUXOLO THANDZ BUTI

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The Word N Sound Fam

One thought on “FESTIVAL REVIEW: Some issues were sidelined

  1. Nomthandazo says:

    I attended the Melville show at Sophiatown and it was an amazing experience. For someone who was attending a poetry session for the first time, I had so much fun. Power to all the wordsmiths for the day.


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