FESTIVAL REVIEW: Believe in your dreams…I dare you

The Word N Sound Festival was by far one of the most fulfilling weekends of my life. When panning the Festival, Joshua Bennett was just a dream, a little something we (kinda jokingly) threw out to the universe. And if there is one thing this movement has taught me is simply to dare to believe in all your dreams.

Each time an artist agreed to be a part of the line up we were incredibly humbled and equally frightened by how big the Festival was getting. Could we pull it off? That question literally kept me up at night. But we did it. We had a phenomenal Festival and the entire Word N Sound fam (and boy is that fam HUGE) came out to show love and support.

The Open Mic Finale was a perfect indication of what the year has been, nothing but petrol bomb poems and poets ready to fill body bags. Madd madd love and congratulations must go out to Queen Mandi you fought hard all year for that title and your poem was so honest and real that it nearly made me cry (and we all know that that is Afurkan’s job).

The ‘Poetry Is’ segment was quite a trip. I am unashamedly a Mutle Mothibe groupie for days, he never disappoints. The gorgeous Napo Masheane brought sheer grace and finesse to the Word N Sound stage. When I grow up I want to be FLAMES like this woman. Q Malewezi was the last poet to be added on the bill (2 nights before the show – yes, I panicked a little…then got MADD excited) but wow, it was amazing to hear what Malawi had to offer. Wow Y’rsa Daley-Ward accepted our invite with such excitement I couldn’t believe it. And then she stepped onto the stage and blew us all away with such ease it was actually quite funny to see and experience. Now at our events, I’m always running around, but for Joshua set I was seated in the front row and I could not care less if there was a crisis of any kind. The power in his words is alluring that man could spark a revolution with just one poem I tell you.

All in all I thought I was a major success and it was an amazing experience to have shared with you all. – by QHAKAZA MTHEMBU

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Qabaniso ‘Q’ Malewezi at the Word N Sound Poetry And Live Music Festival.

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