FESTIVAL REVIEW: The premiere poetry showcase in the country

In the run-up to the Word N Sound Festival 2012, I did a slate of promo interviews. A recurring question was “What is your opinion of Word N Sound?”. My answer has always been the same: “Word N Sound is the premiere poetry showcase in the country”. I think anybody who attended the Festival (or even just read the line-up) would call that assertion justified.

It began with the showcases of numbers 6 to 10 in the Open Mic, then numbers 5 to 1 who were in the finale. The biggest testament to how riveting this competition was, is the extremely vocal audience response to the announcement of the ultimate order of the Top 5. Afurakan had to step in to clarify the points system and the crowd was quelled.

Then came a feel-good musical performance by LoveGlori.

Wrapping the evening up neatly were the works of Mutle Mothibe; Napo Masheane; Yrsa Daley-Ward and Joshua Bennett as the headliners. It says something about what the audience thinks of a performer when they give a standing ovation before their set begins. It’s kinda like being on the set of Oprah.

Seriously though, to have that calibre of performer gracing the stage, all on the same day convinces me that Word N Sound will soon be a globally recognised force in poetry…in my biased opinion. – by ANDREW MANYIKA

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LoveGlori at the 2012 Word N Sound Poetry And Live Music Festival in Newtown.

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