FESTIVAL REVIEW: Word N Sound is growing

Words often fail me when I have to speak, especially on subject that has brought joy and were/are amazing. This is the same when it comes to he Word N Sound Poetry And Live Music Festival over the weekend of the 06/10/2012.

The Festival provided an opportunity to showcase the growth that Word N Sound as a stage has undergone in a space of two years, and the growth that the same stage, has allowed poets to undergo.

From the Queen of the mic, Mandi, who last year didn’t make it to the Top 10, to the rest of the guys who were part of the top ten and the poets who blessed the stage, Joshua Bennett, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Qabaniso “Q” Malewezi, Mutle Mothibe, Napo Masheane, Love Glori Afurakan Mohare and a whole lot of others who partook in the breathtaking and amazing event that was the Word n Sound Festival.

The Festival had one sitting on the edge of one’s seat throughout, anticipating and partaking in each and every word, gesture and expression shared on the stage. This means that come 2013, bigger and better things will come, especially looking at the rate Word n Sound is growing, and finally we will not have a period where our poetry goes into hibernation.

As the MC would say, “in WordNSound we trust”…till next year…  – by MPHO KHOSI

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Word N Sound Poetry And Live Music Series host and co-founder, Thabiso Afurakan Mohare.

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