FESTIVAL REVIEW: Creativity, words and sounds we trust

To Queen Mandi Poefficient, I’ve been blessed with the honour to have witnessed thy rise.

Creativity, words and sounds that we trusted. All these aspects were entwined with a raw atmosphere. Since the calendar commenced, the stage was set ablaze and maintained and the WNS festival wasn’t an exception to be categorized as a triumph for art, manifesting a culture where dedication and love shown for poetry has never been so evident in young minds, truthfully teaching that words are certainly a battle cry.

To all writers from unified corners of the world who graced the stage, warm audience, Word N Sound team, this is an objective feeling of joy after such a historical event.

A lot of knowledge has been dearly acquired by I as a writer and by Forgotten Planet…Peace salutes!!! – by AHIMSA SEBATAGANE

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Napo Masheane at the 2012 Word N Sound Festival in Newtown.

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