1.  You’ll be releasing your album ‘in_sense’ soon, what can we expect from this offering and how is it different from      your previous projects?

Well other than being a solo project in comparison to my other collaborative works… It’ll be more a reflection of how I want my art to be experienced. I’ve been sitting next to our producer (Mo’kata) on the production of every single track. I told of lil add one he should put in the tracks and also the feel I wanted for the whole album. Before he and I went into studio I gave him the sort of music he should expose himself to before working on mine and by the time I stood in front of our mic our goal was set and the by product has been nothing but perfection. People should expect me!! A bit of the old ,a bit of recent works and also future works I’ve been working on in my brake from the scene of late.

2.  Which other poets/artists did you work with in putting this album together?

 On this album I only trusted 2 beings and had them to critique every recording. Thabo Ellipsis and Mohale Mo’katalyst were the only two people I worked with on this album.

3. Why did you choose the title ‘in_sense’ ?

 In_Sense… Hmm… Well I chose it after looking at incense sticks and what’s associated with such… which is meditation, calmness, Zen or whatever words people now use for Presence. Most times when I talk I struggle to articulate my feelings and thoughts freely…(Which is a phenomena I’ve come to spot in most artists) yet when I sit down, concentrate and calm down I can model my thoughts better when using worded artworks. So In_Sense was taken from that… All the works in this album came from A Sense of awareness… When everything I am synchronizes to help produce the artworks I’ve shared.

4.  You are also a member of the poetry collective ‘INAUDIBLE’, are you guys working on anything as a collective or will you be focusing on your individual projects from now on?

No, for Now… I’m concentrating on my individual work and Inaudible crew is baking me up so I can realize all the goals I have for this album. We do future works we’re planning and my album is only a small step in the bigger picture we’ve mapped out.

5.  Being a full-time artist comes with quite a few challenges, but what would you say are some of the joys that come with being able to focus on something that you are so passionate about?

I think the one huge plus I’ve gained is Humility. I’ve been able to humble myself and see what it is I have. I’ve learned the value of friends that have my back even when I don’t believe in my choices, Family has become such an important part of my life and the importance of unity and unshakable faith from people is insanely amazing.

6. Do you always have a purpose when you start writing a poem?

Not always. My private poems don’t have  purpose most times… Unlike almost all the poems I share are more cerebral, well planned, researched and the performances structured.

7.  You were one of the finalists at last year’s word n sound open mic finale where you came 2nd place, who do you think is taking the King Of The Mic title this year?

I haven’t always been around to hear the announcements of the King/Queen of the mic but I do make note to find out who took the title… When looking @ the point system that’s been used through  out the year and also how many time Masai has won the King of the mic… I think its safe to bet my money on him taking the title again.

8.  You are also one of the guest performers at this year’s Word N Sound Festival, how are you feeling about that and should we expect any special surprises?

I’m feeling quite cool about it, prepping and taking my time with the work I’ll be show casing that day. Ah as to surprises… People will have to come through to figure that part out. I can say one thing for sure is there will be new Art works ,will be trying out some new movements:)

9.  What are your plans after the release of your album?

Will be taking that album any place imaginable or accessible. I will be doing a provincial tour to maximize sales.

10. There are lots of opinions out there about what poetry is and how poetry should look and sound like. Please tell us what poetry is to you?

Aah Poetry… Ya Ne… I think Poetry is relative to where a person is (mentaly, spiritually and emotionally) and is such a subjective take from person to person. I don’t know what poetry is ,what it should look like, what the dominant standard voice of it should sound like (well also I’ve found it funny that we mostly try find poetry’s face but when that happens we try stay away from that standard calling it cloning or a certain style, replicas and talking about finding your own voice.)I struggle with that and have resigned from trying to box it lol.

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