Mandi is a 25-year-old descendant of Soweto who has finally surrendered her life to poetry. A writer, poet, dreamer and an ambitious fierce brave woman who will fight for everything she believes in. Her. motto in life is “if you can dream it, you can be it” and her love for poetry was influenced by her passion for art.

She began writing poems plays and has since never looked back. Mandi’s commitment to poetry has seen her share a performance platform with Myesha Jenkins, Natalia Molebatsi, Lebo Mashile, Phillippa Yaa De Villiers, Napo Masheane, Afurakan, Kabomo, Likwid tongue, Antonio David Lyons,Tumelo Khoza, has performed with Pops Mohamed and has opened for Canadian poet Ian Kamau.

Her larger than life attitude propels her in all that she is, all that she does and everywhere she goes.


Sibusiso “Conelius Jones” Simelane is a spoken word artist from Johannesburg (East Rand), Sbu created the character Conelius Jones, a time traveller, with the purpose finding a creative and unconventional way of speaking about various issues in society. He has been writing and performing for four years now and is very passionate about his craft. He believes that both performance and content play a major role in performance poetry and this is exactly what he offers his audience the minute he steps on stage. This young man’s words are sincere, his graphic imagery evokes a sense of ‘I was there” in the listener, and all of this is accompanied by a powerful, pleasantly daring and captivating performance.


Ahimsa was born Firen Sebatagane, in Atteridgeville. west of Pretoria. His interest in the art of poetry was sparked in 2001 by an author named Emily Dickenson. In 2009 literally he was schooled under a movement called depth of thought (D.O.T) based in Pretoria. In the last 3 years Ahimsa has been active crafting his poetic literature to be a symbol of his worldview a personal art symbolism.
NoLIFE(Nobody Lives ForEver) aka Carlos  Is  a rapper and predominantly a poet since his discovery of the WordnSound platform in the year 2011 in which He was influenced by the likes of Masai Dabula. His poetry revolves around social surrealism, religious criticism and scientific horror-core. He has been writing since the age of 9, and has been encroaching since then.

“I am one whole of myself and one half of *forgotten Planet” NoLife


Masai Dabula is a freelance journalist, painter and fulltime poet and writer. He started writing and performing in the year 2000. In the year 2011 some of his poetry was published in an anthology called ‘The Grounds Ear’. He is the current Word n Sound King Of The Mic and has performed in a number of stages in Johannesburg and other provinces.  Masai is also an activist and is currently working with different organisations in his township that aid various social ills that affect his community.


Andrew Manyika is a Writer, Performance Poet & Comedian from Johannesburg. As a writer, he first came to prominence in 2010 when his submission for the University of Johannesburg International Students poetry competition emerged as the overall winner. In the following year he won the provincial leg of the Drama For Life Poetry Challenge (Gauteng) & took second place in the hotly contested National Finals of the same competition and later took 3rd place at the WordnSound Poetry Festival Open Mic Finale. Highlights of his poetry career include having performed at such venues as the BAT Centre (Durban 2012); the State Theatre Night of The Poets (Pretoria 2012) along with members of the WordnSound Collective; as well as performances in Midrand and Upington. Andrew’s submission to the DFL challenge was selected for publishing in the University of Johannesburg Institutional Office For HIV & AIDS 2012 diary


Mpho Khosi was born in Orlando East, Soweto, In 2006 he had an anthology of poetry co-published with Frank Manake offering portraits in a title called “PORTRAITS OF PROPAGANDA”. Mpho started performing in the year 2011 on the Word N Sound stage where he finished as one of the top ten performers at the end of that year. He’s performed in places like Swaziland, Joburg Theatre, State Theatre in Pretoria, The Bat Centre in Durban and several other venues within Joburg and Pretoria. Mpho has shared the stage with an arsenal of excellent poets, from the young up and coming to the already established poets in the South African poetry scene.


KB aka Kilobyte is currently a Civil Engineering student at The University of Pretoria and a member of Penseed Poets based in the same city. He is a former Opera singer and has been writing and performing poetry for the past 8 years. He is also the official Poet for all national holiday events hosted by the South African National Treasury.

KB has performed internationally in Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Botswana and has performed alongside legendary RSA artists including Vusi Mahlasela and Mak Manaka to name a few.


Born in the Eastern Cape, Bonga Ndziweni like all the other kids wanted to be a doctor or a teacher and at the time had no idea that poetry even existed. In 2001 he moved to Joburg but it would only be around 2005/6 that he was introduced to poetry and like the perfect love Story they’ve been together since.

An artist and optimist Bonga’s poetry is often a parody of itself, depicting depth as comical ‘shallowness’. He has been performing for 3 years now, won slams and has performed around S.A.

“Humour is something I try to mold my poetry around. I’m not a very politically/socially conscious poet but what I do is attempt to teach amongst others myself, to better understand love, compassion, relationships by writing a lot about human interaction”. Bonga


Vuyelwa Maluleke is a 23-year-old performance poet, writer and actor
currently training at the Wits school of Arts towards a Bachelors Degree
in Dramatic Arts. Vuyelwa’s poetry is influenced largely by her Urban surroundings, the women within them, the men they choose to love
and the sisters and children they make room for in the world. More
importantly Vuyelwa’s focus is on Women’s stories and voices. As a Black and youthful female voice it is of interest to articulate my life experiences. The Word and Sound stage has been a significant platform for Vuyelwa’s poetry by allowing her a space to be heard, to grow and to evolve!


Born and raised in Vaalkop, a small village in Ga-Mashashane,Limpopo; 21 year old DiemaDika as known by fellow poets and fans is slowly becoming the love of Bapedi people. Delivering his poems in Vernacular and showing pride in his language and culture, Diema is an exceptionally talented artist. Forced to juggle modelling, University and Music; he dreams of one day being part of the Mopedi music revolution in Limpopo.

Believing that poetry has the power to heal, power to teach and power to enhance, this young man has followed a path of stages to teach and educate the public.

Currently, he has joined up with Kempton park based producer ‘’D’’ to bring the public the best of fresh never-heard-before music! His very first single ‘’kgarebe la mopedi’’ is taking the masses by surprise, and he will be releasing his first ever Ep ‘’ke fihlile’’ end of October.

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