League Standings: Round 7 | 4 Aug

With just over a week to the final round of the open mic before the grand finale in October, my inbox is flooded with requests for the current league standings.

The Top 10 in the league will all perform at the Word N Sound Festival on October 6. However, only the Top 5 compete for the ultimate crown of 2012 Word N Sound Open Mic Champion.

So far here is your line up for the Festival (of course things could…no, will change after our show next Saturday, September 1.

The current top 10 looks something like this;

  1. Mandi Vundla 654.5
  2. Conelius Jones 641
  3. Forgotten Planet 553.5
  4. Mpho Khosi 518.1
  5. Masai Dabula 511.5
  6. Andrew Manyika 470.5
  7. KB Kilobyte 462.5
  8. Bonga Ndzweni 440
  9. Purple Jupiter 423.5
  10. Diema Dika 341

There are at least 150 points that will be awarded at the finale so its still an open game.

Good luck to everyone entering the Open Mic next week.

See you Saturday 1 September for a beautiful Spring Day with KB Kilobyte, Mpho Khosi and Kagiso Tshepe. R500 up for grabs for the best poem on the open mic courtesy of BlackCouch Sofserv Aaah Whuuuu!

Emonti On Bree (Cnr Quinn and Bree – Newtown) | 12pm | R40

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