A major upset because we have never made such an error since the beginning of Word N Sound. So there is a correction that needs to be made and an apology that must be offered.

I calculate the scores each month and give the names of the Top 5 to Afurakan to announce. This month however I made an error in which names I handed over.

It would appear that I now owe Mpho Khosi an apology for denying his poem, that was impeccably crafted and beautifully performed, a spot in the Top 5. In our tightest results yet, Mpho actually came in 1 point after Mandi our Queen of The Mic.

The official top five is;
1. Mandi Poefficient 91 points
2. Mpho Khosi 90 points
3. Conelius Jones and Forgotten Planet 87.5 points
4. Masai Dabula 85.5 points
5. Concept TIM 85 points

So we’ll run with this Top 5 at next month’s show (4 August). This means there will only be 9 spots open on the day for the open mic.

To ensure such silliness never happens again. I will make sure one of the Word N Sound crew take a second look at the scores before handing them over for Top 5 announcement.

Mpho, I apologise yet again for my grave error, your poem was close to flawless and that Donald Byrd number in the back…yoh, FIRE!

PS: If this was a reality show, this mix up would have made for good TV neh?

Qhakaza Mthembu
Word N Sound Co-Founder


  1. mpho khosi says:

    thank you I am humbled, Donald Byrd provided a great horn section


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