1. Just in case someone has been living under a really big rock, please introduce the members of Likwid Tongue and briefly tell us what the collective is about.
Likwid Tongue is a poetry collective with 3 members (Thabo Flo Mokale, Richard Quaz Roodt and Pheladi VallentineKekana) that each have 28 different personalities. Seriously, and…. (Imagine the rest)

2. What is the driving force behind the collective, what has kept Likwid Tongue together over the years?
We thoroughly enjoy what we do. It has never been about money. We understand the role that we play and we are comfortable with it. People that started out at our shows as nervous unknown poets now pull in crowds and are at the forefront of the movement. That’s such a beautiful reward for all the work we put in. It makes all the bad times worth it.

3. In 10 years time, I want Likwid Tongue to have done…
Quaz: a show on the moon. Oh and some more traveling, More books more photography, More music. More money would be nice too.

Flo: to have done what has never been done, eh….yes…what Quaz said…

Vallentine: still be in the minds of our guests and performers.. Exploring more avenues for poetry to take center stage.. Watch this space.

4. Having being involved in poetry for years, I think you guys are best suited to tell us what the state of poetry today is?
The Poetry scene is in a good space. After what seemed like a 5 year slump there is certainly new energy around poetry circles. On any given weekend there is a poetry show. There are new, strong voices emerging and guys are upping their performances. I think the energy is right for something big to happen as long as we all push in the same direction.

5. You work with many new voices on your open mic platform. Who has really impressed you?
Amanda Dlamini
Afurakan (kikikiki)




that other guy with a voice the list just goes on and on. Everyone is really on some next level type vibe. Its crazy.

6.If you could each be a superhero, what would your name be and what super power would you have?
I’d be “anything-I- wanna be man” (Not sure if it will all fit on my chest) My powers? Anything I want to be. Now that’s power.

Vallentine: The power to love more.. I’d be LOVEMORE VALLENTINE…lol

Flo: I’d be FLO the ultimate superhero who has the ultimate power – sorta like Naruto in the body of the Hulk and with the mind of Terry Pratchett and the arti-tude of a summer sun ray.

7. The best thing about being part of Likwid Tongue is….
The groupies. hehehe, No seriously, the groupies. Oh and getting in for free at shows. HAAA!!

Vallentine: The free food (sometimes), the best best thing though is the conversations we have in the car going and coming from shows.. THE BEST!

Flo: ME no I’m kidding but on the real I will have to say ME and knowing when I fumble Vall and Quaz will pick up the pieces and lie and tell me that nobody saw and I was dope…(Flippn Likwids)

8. And the worst thing is…

Vallentine: Quaz

Flo: Vallentine

9. Other than Likwid Tongue, what else do you do?
I do artsy stuff with artsy institutions. I teach a poetry and creative writing class at UJ. I rap (well). I Blog. I write for websites. I host shows. And I look after my cat Peanut.

Vallentine: Design, music and bloggin

Flo: I do legendary stuff (top secret) in my full time I Watch the Full Moon and in my spare time I experiment in freezing moments and selling stuff and also chatting to journos

10.When next can we expect from your set this Saturday 7 July at Emonti on Bree?
It is a secret. We don’t even know. All will be revealed on Saturday…I think.


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  1. Yes yes i’ve been living under a really really big rock *hides* but I’m thankful to Afurakan for introducing me to this site (took me a while to get here but i made it). As for Likwid Tongue I’ve never heard of them or heard their performance #embarrassing# I know… I do know Flo (via wits tech) though n his whimsical ways (lol) n respect his talent for his craft! So I trust that his associations would be within the same/similar realm, therefore I trust that Quaz n Vall are equally rockers n I look forward to attending Likwid Tongue’s offering one day when I visit home (Mzansi) or maybe on a Melbourne stage *winks*

    By the way awesome interview(s), thank you for sharing 🙂



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