With just three more rounds till the finals of the Word N Sound open mic poetry league, the competition is certainly heating up.

If you missed last month’s show, here is a quick reminder of your top 5 for this month:
5. Schrodinger’s Cat
4. Masai Dabula
3. Mandi Poefficient
2. Ellipsis…
1. Cornelius Jones

So good luck to the 5 of you, lets hope you can keep your spot and a little note to the newcomers, if you thought cracking it into the top 5 was a challenge, just imagine what it takes to stay there.

Now for the finale, which is fast approaching (this is when everyone takes out their diaries to jot down SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER 2012) all that matters are each poet’s points on the Word N Sound Poetry League.

And I must say, with 3 new entries on the league’s top 10, a new number one and number two with only 7 points between them…Saturday’s show is set to be real interesting.

The current standings on league are as follows;

  1. Mandi 509 points (up 1 spot)
  2. Cornelius Jones 507 points (up 1 spot)
  3. No Life 455 points (down 2 spots)
  4. Mpho 397.5 points
  5. Ahimza 374 points (new top 10 entry)
  6. Purple Jupiter 372.5 points
  7. Masai 366.5 points (up 2 spots)
  8. Bonga 365 points
  9. Diema Dika 341 points (new top 10 entry)
  10. Andrew 335 points (new top 10 entry)

As per Word N Sound tradition, the top 5 on the league at the end of September’s show will do battle at the finale while those who hold spots 6 – 10 will perform a piece on the night.

So…3 shows to go. Who will take this year’s crown of Word N Sound King/Queen of the mic?


2 thoughts on “LEAGUE STANDINGS: Round 5 | 2 Jun

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  2. […] Word n Sound on the 4th of Aug (follow the WnS blog to check if I retain my leading points in the wordnsound. Then after that I’m headed to Bloem for woman’s day performance on the 8th […]


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